Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Licence to Play

Currently in a pretty good mood eversince the the last 2 days back. So light and breezy, almost felt like a child again.

So without further ado, here's the story behind my bliss:


I was pleasantly surprised by my hubby on last Monday evening w
hen he came to pick me up from work. As I adjusted myself for a more comfortable ride back home, he quietly slipped onto my lap a small white plastic bag.

What I found in that small plastic bag blew me away. I felt a mixture of joy and awe but it was also tainted with a bit of guilt. For he had given me something which I had always wanted and what he thought I have yet to have. When in fact I already own a couple lower capacities ones well hidden away. What's more ironic is that, a few days ago I had just secretly bought another one exactly the duplicate of what he had gotten me now.

If you are now wondering what kind of gift my sweet ol' hubby had given me. I'll like to say that it's an apparatus that'll give me ample joy of making luve with my obsession. To have long and lengthy intercourse. To upload and download stuff. Lotsa stuff.

Here it is...

Kingston Data Traveler 100 [ 4GB ] USB 2.0

Yup, it's a flashdrive. What else did you think it was in the first place? Lol. And, computer is my obsession.

Now that I have two of these handy drives. Meaning 4GB x 2 = 8GB, I am so going to get myself busy. Busy uploading stuff. Packing it full with my goodies. Not bad, not bad at all *evil grin*.

I have just finished uploading this new one with loads of USB portable applications yesterday. Hmmm... I guess the rest of the space calls for more mangas, ebooks and audiobooks. Way to go baby.

Yes, I am touched and very much happy with my dearest hubb
y's gift. Like what I had always been telling my friends... I'd rather he buys me gadgets than flowers. I certainly don't mind a bouquet of thumbdrives! *chuckle*. It's not that I don't fancy or like flowers at all. I do like em. Just not as much as I adore IT gadgets, that's all.

By the way, my favorite flower is the white lilies. Roses are so old fashion. Lilies are forever pure and fresh.


Right after that surprise gift, he suggested we go grab dinner at a local shopping complex.

Just when we are leaving the shopping complex after dinner and a bit of window shopping, we both saw an electronic toy of which have been on my wishlist since childhood. It was yet to be fulfilled up till now.

My hubby looks at me and smile knowingly. As I gasp and delights over the said item on display. As the toy unwittingly woo me over and over again with it's cute antic on display.

Needless to say, he bought it for me. And I am on cloud 9 literally. It's so sweet of him. I felt like throwing myself into his arm there and then and to kiss him silly.

Here, let me introduce you to my current #2 obsession...

Penguins on Slide

I play with it everyday. Switch it on every morning when I woke up to prepare self for work and when I came back from work.

Right now I am keeping my fingers crossed that my son wouldn't destroy it when he comes back from visiting his grandma (it's school holiday now).


I just had to show you another toy which was also on that long pending childhood toy wishlist of mine. This one was granted during this year's Chinese Ne
w Year (February). Yes, again, it's a gift from my hubby.

Here it is...

Wooden String Toy Horse

Wasn't it the cutest? It is now my constant companion at work.

I know you would all laugh at me for being such an overgrown kid. Well laugh all you want cuz I don't mind it. As long as I am happy. That is what counts. Cheers!


Just in case anyone of you are interested to know what software I use for editing the above pictures it's called PHOTOSCAPE. You could get it free here. Well it's a freeware afterall. A really good one at that. Totally recommend it to all.

PICASA from Google is just as great too. Both are worthy image/photo editors and both are free. What more could one asks for?

I really dig PHOTOSCAPE's large templates library for collage making. Another feature which I adore is the ability to append text and also bubble talk diagrams. Oh yea, it also offers the ability to frame up your photos digitally. There are so many to choose from I am literally spoil of choices.