Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Butterchoco Blunder Cake

Just to let you all in on my latest foray... cake baking. I was suddenly ambitious enough today to try baking a simple Buttercake. Or so I thought was simple enough for me not to foil it.

Here is how it first looked like.

Looks quite innocently decent enuff eh?

Here's when reality hits....

It cracked up pretty bad. Starting to doubt if it would end up edible at all.

Reality really is a BIATCH!!!...

I dunno. You decide. I have already given it my all. Sigh..

My desperate attempt on a cover up.... to destroy all evidence of my incompetency even as an amateur baker.

I sliced up the ugly overdone top part as evenly as I could manage with a blunt kitchen knife.

Then I decided to flip it back over cos it still looks just as bad as before. Sigh..

End product...

Hmmm... who knows, maybe I could just pass it off as Chocolate Cake?
Think that would work??

I guess I just had to live up to the fact that - I REALLY CAN'T COOK. And I just screwed up this simple recipe "big time".

I was actually quite happy with the batter I made cos it really looks very fluffy and creamy. There are quite a number of blunders made during the batter mixing time tho. Like I freaking forgotten to sift the salt together with the flour as per the recipe and ended up just chucking that 1/2 tsp salt into the batter last minute.

Then the second blunder was one I could not undo - I forgot to grease the cake pan as I am supposed to before putting the batter into the pan. Well, at least the cake didn't get stuck in the pan when I extract it later. Although I do suspect that all that ugly cracks was due to me failing to religiously follow this last part of the 'simple' instruction.

I have yet to truly taste it as I left it now on the chair to cool off before cutting it as I am typing this post.