Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Closure

Yea, sorry to be flashing this sign so late only after all these months of silence. I have been debating for several months with myself on whether I should really do this. Really felt heavy hearted to close this blog. But deep down inside I knew I had to.

It's not that I have truly lost interest in blogging altogether. It's just that my current work schedule does not give me the luxury of taking my time and composing regular length blog post anymore. Nor could I find the time to catch up on other people's blog as much as I wanted to. Furthermore, I am really not like those who could write a post within minutes. So, I was effectively in a dilemma.

I am really thankful for those lovely friendship I have made during my 2 years plus in the blogsphere. Thank you all for your support *hugs*. It really means alot to me. Appreciates the encouragements you've all given me especially during my downtime for you have truly given me strenght to go on during those dark moments of my life. Thank you so much.

One last catch tho....

I am not exactly going to be gone from the blogsphere for good *grin*. As I have found another way of continuing what I enjoy doing. Yes I am still not done with blogging yet. In fact, I found that I have been trully missing it especialy these past few months. Hence, I have decided to start what other called 'micro-blogging' at another site.

My new blog address is at Kleio.Tumblr.com. TUMBLR is a somewhat new blogging site dedicated to micro-blogging. Some calls it Tumblelog, it's a new trend of blogging. Sort of like an evolution of blogging. Things would be short and brief there. And that's exactly what I needed for the time being - Fast and easy way to blog. To share. To express.

Without further ado, I am saying bye to this blog and hope to see you all there at my new venue.


This blog was started on 15th July 2006 and I am now ending it as of today, 24th March 2009, Tuesday @ 8.48pm.