Sunday, January 28, 2007

Confession of a Betrayer

People, I have cheated. Cheated on him and on myself too. Sob! What have I DONE! This is total betrayal.

Did it while he wasn’t around. The forbidden fruit is so sweet and juice I tell you. So don’t blame me for my weakness… it’s only natural. Oh, and it really feels like I am in heaven. It has been such a long time since I feel like this.

So dark, creamy, strong and smells like heaven too… drives me nuts!

Hahaha… Gotcha!

Yeah, I cheated on my caffeine abstinence. But only just one small cup. No harm done right :D At least I can keep myself sane and functioning well again. Hahahaha

I have sinned yet, I have confessed - we call that even ok.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Argh… My Head is Gonna Explode Soon!


Having one major headache right now, this moment. Must be a case of caffeine withdrawal symptom. Aiyayayayayaya… my brain feels like one raw piece of throbbing nerves right now.

This is my first day attempt to drop caffeine off my diet. Not that I haven’t tried it before. I had (many times), and I failed. So, I am reattempting again as of today. I really really got to ditch coffee for good (if I could), or at least cut down the daily intake.

Why the resolution to do it today?

That’s because I have been suffering from gastric pain for the past few weeks. If that is what the pain is about. Not too sure here. Cos’ the pain is a real killer kind – where it makes you feel like curling up and stay in bed for good. Sometimes I even feel like someone shot me with a shotgun which penetrates way to my back bone. Sure hope it’s not some other malicious disease *keeps fingers crossed tight tight*.

There’s actually another desperate reason which further amplifies and strengthen this resolution of mine… to fulfill my long time wish to conceive a second child. This has been long overdue. My son is already 5 years old and yet still no good news. Dearest hubby is getting impatient already – me too! I am so tired of false alarms.

Sigh… hope I will be successful this round. Oh… the headache #@!&%

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

K9 Euphoria Day

Visited Che-Cheh's blog last Friday and found out about the 4th Malaysia K9 Day which was scheduled on 14th January 2007, Sunday at Bandar Utama's Central Park.

I did a bit of hustling and managed to get mom all hyped-up to go. Hence, I succeded my plot to con mom for a ride there. Tee hee hee hee. See Che-Cheh, I can be quite manipulative when I choose to *sly grin*. Hehe. Yeah, and I brought my 5-year-old son along too. What a nice mummy I am. Kopi-O, my mom's black Miniature Pinscher was there too. Poor Ol' Susu, the family dog, a white Maltese can't go as my bro wasn't free to join us.

After written a hyper-long-winded post on Monday, I have decided to be short & sweet with this one. So I am not going into a detail reporting on what took place and all or what I thought about this event etc.. etc.... Instead, this time around I am just going to let it be a feast of K9 visuals. What do you think? Loving it already?

So here goes... feast your eyes on these (take special note on the bitches will ya. They are all especially cute - all dressed up):-

Note of caution: Some of this cute poochy might be dressed up and looked every part a bitch but, I have only discovered on that day... this wasn't really the case. As I have seen some of the boy-boy pooch with cute & fancy hair clips on. Go figure. LOL.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Top Five Favorite Movies -- I've been tagged!

“OMG! I have been tagged!”, this was exactly my first thought the moment I saw my name on RyeUrn’s blog on Friday last week highlighted in red. Why the alarm you say? Well… first, I was caught by surprise and this is the very first time I was being tagged. I am practically a Virgin-Meme-Blogger (VMB). LOL. I guess this makes RyeUrn and Bengbeng a VMB too. Hahahaha

According to RyeUrn, 5xmom said memes are good – which got me pretty curious and hopped on to her site for a look-see. There I found out… memes are actually a great way to secure links which helps to propel your blog rank up on search engines (search engines are a sucker for links). Thanks for the tip 5xmon – hence, as you can see here… I am now determined to do my part – linking as many fellow bloggers who has sportingly participated in this meme’s circulation.

Being a VMB and clueless about it… I visited most of the links provided by each blogger on the participants of this meme just to get a general idea of things - of which, ultimately served the 2nd and 3rd purpose of a meme i.e. to get higher hit-count and exposures. Wow, do not underestimate the power of memes you guys.

Alrighty-then, back to business… here is my Top 5 Favorite Movies (in no particular order, as I still can’t decide which one I like most).

1) Farinelli il Castrato (1994)

Farinelli, was a famous opera singer in the time of Handel, the famous German composer. He (Farinelli) was what we call a castrato… in his case; he was castrated by his own brother during childhood in order to preserve his singing voice – it was a popular practice back then in the 16th century in Western European chapel choirs as the Roman Catholic Church had traditionally banned females from singing in church.

This movie was actually an accidental stumble or find. I am an ardent fan of Anne Rice a famous author of many bestsellers of gothic theme fiction books and one of them was Cry to Heaven – it’s an intriguing book about castrati in Italy during the 18th century. This book was what has started my fascination with the mystery and allure of a castrato, which had lead me to this wonderful film of breathtaking sights and sounds.

I was overjoyed when I found this film some years back in a store while browsing for some movies. At last! I shall have the chance to witness the supreme singing of a castrato again (this phenomenon of castrati has happened centuries ago and there aren’t any form of recording available back then (what I pity), it was in fact a lost art… as part of the arias sung by a castrati are so complex and difficult that they cannot be performed today... unless you decided to lose your manhood to preserve this art. LOL!). This film uses both male and female voices in a unique reconstruction to recreate the sound of Farinelli’s singing voice.

I was totally swept off my feet by the beautiful singing combined with the romantic baroque settings. This film shall remain forever special in my heart.

On another note, I was delighted when I spotted a fellow lover of this film, Paris Beaverbanks… during my inspiration-seeking-link hopping which I mentioned earlier on this post.

2) Interview with the Vampire (1994)

This film was a movie-tie in for one of Anne Rice’s bestsellers – it was this one book that propelled her to fame. To me, this film was the one that had gotten me hooked on her books thereto and later on... fascinated with the gothic world and all things paranormal or supernatural. For her, I outgrew and abandon chit-lit and romance novels.

This film is a about a vampire telling his epic life story of love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger – centering on themes of immortality, loss, sexuality and power with heavy influence on Goth culture. It was a Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as the main characters Lestat de Lioncourt and the protagonist Louis de Pointe du Lac, respectively.

I fell in love with the character starred by Brad Pitt… hmmm… until now, I wasn’t sure which one I fell in love with... the character or the actor. LOL. But, I am sure of one thing, both are just as endearing. This film has also introduced me to Kirsten Dunst… she starred as Claudia, a vengeful and manipulative but heartrending child vampire. Her acting was so credible that she could rival other strong actresses. I quite adore her since, even before she had rise to stardom. She is now quite well known as Mary Jane, Spiderman’s girlfriend or object of obsession.

3) My Fair Lady (1964)

I believed I shouldn’t have the need to elaborate on this famous piece of all-time favorite Broadway musical. Audrey Hepburn was absolutely radiant and charming in it. Oh yeah, this was the first film which got me acquainted with her. The song ‘Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?’ sung by Eliza (the lead female character played by Hepburn) was my most favorite song in this flick. I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn ever since this film. Am still trying to locate and collect the all of her work especially Roman Holiday (1953) – I think it’s her debut Hollywood film which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

4) Strictly Ballroom (1992)

I can’t exactly remember how I came across this film. All I remember was how badly I wanted to own this video and scoured hi and lo for it back then, until I found it along with a newfound suitor i.e. later boyfriend and sometime later after that… ex-boyfriend (sorry, not going to go into this).

Right, back on this film… it’s about a champion caliber ballroom dancer, Scott Hastings who was inspired to dance his own steps which was an idea the Australian ballroom dance community shuns at… at all cost. Together with a beginner dancer and a somewhat ugly duckly, Fran... they were ready to set out to prove em’ wrong for not believing.

All in all, this film was an emotional stimulating watch. Plus, it had introduced me to Paso Doble (a lively Latin style of dance modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the Spanish bullfight). This dancing style is absolutely exciting to watch. The rhythm of its music has the power to captivate one’s soul and body. You could really feel the strong pull of this music and start instinctively moving you body in tune.

Oh yes, I was of course, again… drawn to the lead character - this time being a handsome and chiseled, Paul Mercurio. I literary swooned at his perfect dancing skill and good looks. Ahemm…

5) Viva Cuba (2005)

Watched this film with Gina a good friend of mine sometime back in October 2006 last year during the latest 5th Ibero American Film Festival (a celebration of Latin American films). We had both enjoyed it tremendously even though it’s in Spanish with English subtitle.

Bits about the story… it is a tale of two good friends, Malú and Jorgito. They had made a pact with each other that they would remain friends for life although both their families are constantly at odds with each other. The girl is from an upper-class family while the boy is from a family of poor but proud socialist. One day, Malú’s mother had decided to leave Cuba thus, Malú would have to be separated from Jorgito if she does. Hence, begin the adventure of both children traveling with each other as company in a loooong soul searching and friendship testing trip to seek for Malú’s father help to prevent her mother from leaving the country.

The close bond between these two children is a joy to watch. There are many funny and touching moments which both Gina and I enjoyed very much. It was a refreshing watch, apart from the normal over-commercialized Hollywood films – it was a light yet playful film with a touch of Cuban bureaucracy.


Whew! That was it. I had a tough time deciding on which 5 films should make it to this list of mine, as I had quite a long list of favorites. Deciding to adhere to the rules of this meme to list only 5 favorites I had to forgone the rest albeit reluctantly. Pardon me for my lengthily account on each film. I had at first wanted to do a short and direct post like Ah Pek did except, I just can’t help myself but to feel obligated to pay my tribute to each one of these fantastic films.

As to keep the ball rolling, I am officially declaring my tag on Gina, Pau-Pau, Che-Cheh, Stev and Tien Soon.

RyeUrn, thanks again for the tag. Though I sweat big time doing it but, I had fun. *Wink* there, I linked you again. Ahahaha

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oops I Did It Again! - Another Clueless Sotong Episodes

“What on earth was I thinking!” this was what I exclaimed in my head early this morning when I found out I managed to repeat the same ol' blunder again – for the 3rd time. Sigh… must be getting old.

What was I babbling about you say? Well it’s just that I found out a minute ago... I truly stand out from the crowd in my company’s yellow uniform for a change, when everybody else in the office are parading about in their own fashionable genre today.

It total flew out of my mind that today is a Friday. On Fridays we are allowed to wear whatever we fancy to work – of course, something with common sense… meaning suitable office wear. Jangan-lah mengada-gada sampai cleavage pun terkeluar macam itu Gong Li in ‘The Curse of the Golden Flower’ – not that I have any to show in the first place :P

This wasn’t the first time I did it. Although the last two times wasn’t exactly the same scenario. Right then, it was the wrong color uniform for the wrong day i.e. instead of wearing blue I wore yellow instead on a Wednesday (on Wednesday we are supposed to wear a different set of uniform which is blue in color instead of our usual banana yellow uniform). Yeah, I know, the color scheme sucks! Heck, even the design sucks too :(

I am feeling pretty awkward right now. Luckily, I can opt to lay off the yellow jacket which leaves only my flowery beige blouse plus the long side slit dark blue skirt – not as obvious this way. Whew!

Sigh… when would I ever get the hang of it (uniforms routines) – I wonder.

Gossips: I heard the next new batch of uniforms is going to be RED in color. It’s going to be implemented somewhere this year – I guess. Red, is it any better than yellow or blue??? Why can’t it be corporate dark blue or black – it’s more practical right. Geezz… the way people complicates things.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back from Holiday Hibernation

Just a short post to say Happy New Year everyone. May all of you have plentiful of joyous events throughout the year.

I just came back to work today from my week long leave (started on 29th December 2006 till 3rd January 2007). Actually, I had wanted to post a notice on being away for such a long while, unfortunately the net disruption thing upset my plan to do so.

Updates on my Dental visit:
So, here I am… still in one whole piece, apparently. LOL - Despite, my phobic visit to the dentist last Friday. Gotten that cursing hell hole patched up by a nice lady dentist. She ever so gentle, mild manner and jovial – she puts me at ease… errr.. more or less :D Throughout the whole process I was gripping my own hand bit too hard that it turned red - and was trying very very hard indeed on not kicking the dentist accidentally while she drills away.

I am so relief it was all over in a jiffy. She did great – I wasn’t as traumatized as my previous encounters. Plus, I let her clean my teeth – It was a good sign. I shall now stick to her for my future dentist visits.

With my chopper back in biz, I am now looking forward for a Chomping-Chinese New Year with mountainous food to devour!