Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back from Holiday Hibernation

Just a short post to say Happy New Year everyone. May all of you have plentiful of joyous events throughout the year.

I just came back to work today from my week long leave (started on 29th December 2006 till 3rd January 2007). Actually, I had wanted to post a notice on being away for such a long while, unfortunately the net disruption thing upset my plan to do so.

Updates on my Dental visit:
So, here I am… still in one whole piece, apparently. LOL - Despite, my phobic visit to the dentist last Friday. Gotten that cursing hell hole patched up by a nice lady dentist. She ever so gentle, mild manner and jovial – she puts me at ease… errr.. more or less :D Throughout the whole process I was gripping my own hand bit too hard that it turned red - and was trying very very hard indeed on not kicking the dentist accidentally while she drills away.

I am so relief it was all over in a jiffy. She did great – I wasn’t as traumatized as my previous encounters. Plus, I let her clean my teeth – It was a good sign. I shall now stick to her for my future dentist visits.

With my chopper back in biz, I am now looking forward for a Chomping-Chinese New Year with mountainous food to devour!


Gina said...

Hey! I miss you! Welcome back!

Happy New Year!

Che-Cheh said...

Happy New Year my friend.
I wish you get lots of moolah too. Hehehe

Kleio said...

Gina~~ Missing you too and your blog :D

Che-cheh~~ Thank you :hugs: Need the moolah desperately :P

stev said...

glad that it was a good dental trip

still wonder tho what would happen if u accidentally kick the dentist... :P

Kleio said...

Stev ~~ *Cringe, shundder* I would hate to think of the consequences *sweating profusely* You are so nasty for reminding me of that. Humph!!