Wednesday, January 17, 2007

K9 Euphoria Day

Visited Che-Cheh's blog last Friday and found out about the 4th Malaysia K9 Day which was scheduled on 14th January 2007, Sunday at Bandar Utama's Central Park.

I did a bit of hustling and managed to get mom all hyped-up to go. Hence, I succeded my plot to con mom for a ride there. Tee hee hee hee. See Che-Cheh, I can be quite manipulative when I choose to *sly grin*. Hehe. Yeah, and I brought my 5-year-old son along too. What a nice mummy I am. Kopi-O, my mom's black Miniature Pinscher was there too. Poor Ol' Susu, the family dog, a white Maltese can't go as my bro wasn't free to join us.

After written a hyper-long-winded post on Monday, I have decided to be short & sweet with this one. So I am not going into a detail reporting on what took place and all or what I thought about this event etc.. etc.... Instead, this time around I am just going to let it be a feast of K9 visuals. What do you think? Loving it already?

So here goes... feast your eyes on these (take special note on the bitches will ya. They are all especially cute - all dressed up):-

Note of caution: Some of this cute poochy might be dressed up and looked every part a bitch but, I have only discovered on that day... this wasn't really the case. As I have seen some of the boy-boy pooch with cute & fancy hair clips on. Go figure. LOL.


Che-Cheh said...

Weeee I love this slides thingy. Interesting weh...3 thumbs up for you.


Neo said...

Wow, you took more pics than me lei. But too bad I didn't know you were there... or we can take some bitchy pics together :)

Kleio said...

Che-Cheh ~ Ya, it's cool hor this - there are actually may themes and styles available for picks.

Neo ~ I took lotsa pics but, all lousy ones :P

Yeah, we can take bitchy pics together with some of the K9 bitches too. LOL

Thanks for dropping by ;)

Bengbeng said...

thank you so kid just adores these doggy pics just like his daddy :)

Kleio said...

Bengbeng ~ Oh, you are very much welcomed :D Glad to hear the kids adore it. I had fun posting it here too.

stev said...

the slideshow is nice indeed + props for the effort to caption the pics creatively :)

bitches & yaoi even with dogs eh :P

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev ~ Thanks for your compliments. It was quite a pain to upload so many pics on the slideshow. Normally, I don’t feed in the captions. I happened to be in a very good mood at that particular time.

You mean you love bitches opps! I mean dogs too?