Thursday, December 28, 2006

Heading for the Torture Chamber

Tomorrow I am finally going for that long overdue Dentist appointment. Yeah, it has been postponed for like 5 months now *Grinning sheepishly* What to do, I have got no nerves when it comes to dentist visits.

I think that hole (the one I mentioned in earlier on my blog about the filling dropping out while I was brushing my teeth) is getting worst. Ouch! I now noticed several more cavities as the days months goes by… yeah, serves me right you say – for being such a chicken. Cluck cluck cluck!

That large cavity has been such a nuisance – food getting into it (yucky, I know but I always gargle after food. Humph!), trying to avoid chewing on my left side (where the cavity is), wincing each time anything cold or hot or sweet passed through my mouth. Really do not know how I managed to live with all this for such a long time. I am such a laugh right? I can live with the pain and trouble of not having it patched but, can’t survive a simple visit to the dentist. LOL. I am such a wimp! Luckily I am female, which makes it my right actually to be so wimpy and yet not be too embarrassed by it. Hahahaha…

The thought of that syringe and drill (the murder tools) already gives me the goose-bumps. I am crossing my fingers that I might come out from the torture chamber in one piece – in body and mind. Wish me luck people!

Mental state: Very anxious and borderline neurotic. My mind kept singing the song “I am going to the gallows, I am going to the gallows. Oh save me, oh save me from the gallows…”.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Have yourself a Merry Lil' Christmas

Saw this cute little Snowman Snowglobe last 2 weeks back at a local shopping mall.

I have always wanted a snowglobe of my own since young, but never gotten one before. I just don't see the point of purchasing one for myself - it would be meaningless. I feel that it needs to come from someone dear, like family, a lover or even a dear friend to complete the special-ness of owning a snowglobe.

My fascination was once again perked when I saw this cute snowglobe and I couldn't help myself and hence made the purchase immediately. But this one's for my son - I thought of him as soon as I saw it. At least now he has his first snowglobe – one with special meaning and filled with a mother’s love for her child.

As to why I didn’t buy one for myself? Yes, I still feels strongly that snowglobes should be a gift from somebody else and not collected on our own - Weird sentiments? I know.

I am still waiting for my very own Snow Globe :D

I figured since I love snowglobe so much, I should at least learn more about it. So, I did some light research on it just know. Here’s what I found:-

( This Santa Clause Snowglobe is amazing eh? It looks so magical.
Found this amazing pix just now. Will be setting it as my wallpaper for this Yuletide season ;D )

The first snowglobes are said to have come from France in the eary 1800's. Many believe following in the footsteps of the paperweight. The earliest known snowglobes were made of glass and were part of Victorian upper class lifestyles in the 1870's. Made popular by those who had a love of such eclectic decor. As early as 1879 five manufacturers were shipping them all over Europe.

In the 1940's, snowglobes were used for advertising by many companies. They also became popular religious gifts for children. The snow inside sometimes gold glitter or even soap chips. Now days, the glass is thinner, and oftentimes, plastic is used for the globe, while the "snow" is actually small pieces of plastic. The water inside is a mix of water and glycerin. They abound in all shapes and sizes, especially during the holiday season. Plastic domes made their mark in the 1950's.

Today's snowglobe ranges from very ornate, musical, or mechanical and lighted, to simple plastic domes. Some even are battery powered so one doesn't have to shake it to see the snow whirl around inside the globe. Then there are the many found on webpages abounding the internet. It really doesn't matter where it came from, be it a tourist stop, the finest store, a graphics program, or a garage sale find.....snowglobes have a magic all their own, wonderously transforming the everyday into a miniscule world of swirling flakes falling, as the wonder of snowfall and winter's hush surround us.

Found a simple poem on Christmas to share with all too…

I love winter! Winter is cold.
It's Christmas with sleds.

It's warm snuggly beds.
It's silver snowflakes.

It's skating on lakes.

It's snowmen that stand In a snowy white land.
It's bluejays that feed
On sunflower seed.
It's angels that pose
In wintertime clothes.
It's a polka-dot sky.

It's winter. That's why.......
I love winter.

Merry Christmas everyone, and don’t forget the spirit of sharing – spread the joy and happiness far and wide ya! Remember we don’t need special days to do so ok.

P/S: Actually I wanted to embed a media player here to play the song, "Frosty the Snowman" on this post - it was one of my favorite Christmas song. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge on html proven to be a major set-back :( Anyhow, I shall still continue my further exploration on it *wink* I shall hold dear to the notion that no one's too old to learn.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Tango 'Asunto Del Amor'

This is my RM40 ticket :D - worth every pennies

Wooo hoo…. This show was absolutely mind-blowing (see my previous blog on it). Whew! It was hot, hot, hot I tell you. It was and affair to remember for a lifetime. Hence, I gave this post a Spanish title, A Tango Asunto Del Amor (Asunto Del Amour means Love Affair in Spanish)

Despite having to literally wrestle our way through the horrendous traffic jam all thanks to the heavy downpour. And poor me having to tahan (bear) with my mom’s constant complains on other rude and inconsiderate ways of other fellow drivers as though it could have make things any better by gesticulating wildly while admonishing these fools harshly - in the end, it’s only me who had to suffer for other people's stupidity. Sigh…. I was like thinking loudly to myself, “Duh… could we just focus on where we are going please, we’ve made a few wrong turnings already” – I want to pengsan liao (faint).

Irregardless, me and my mom made it just on time… ok ok… we were just a wee bit late – we arrived at 8.10pm and the show is supposed to start at 8.00pm sharp and the audiences are expected to be seated by 7.45pm. Fat-chance with that downpour – and I was right! The show didn’t start till about 8.45pm, having to wait for the auditorium to fill up with wet and disgruntled audiences (Ahahahaa… that’s just my gist anyway).

As this show was also jointly organized by The Embassy of Uruguay, there were quite a number of foreigners amongs
t us – almost half of the auditorium. This show was a total sell-out it seems – the whole auditorium was fully packed.

The Performance

Ms. Laura Legazcue was a joy and pleasure to watch. The crowd was absolutely enthralled by her mastery in tango. She was a natural, a true born dancer. She had successfully put a charm on all of
us and etched the beauty of Tango in our hearts forever.

I love all her six (6) tango dances including the soul stirring tango music – I found my heart dancing to the tunes of these mind evoking music.

Ms. Laura dances with so much passion, vigor and skill. We were simply in awe of her and her partner’s skill in synchronizing their moves to the music with perfect precision and unison. They both were like two souls entwined in one body.

I bet Ms. Laura is ‘Plastic-Woman’ in disguise cos’ she has got such a supple body especially her legs were so flexible that’s it was quite scary. It was like she has no bones in her legs. Yikes! – LOL. Sorry, I can’t help myself from injecting some humour in all this. Ahahaaaa…

Below is the programme of that night:-


Pata Ancha. (Facing with courage) – Tango by Mario De Marco (the music)
La Puñalada. (The stab wound) – Tango by Pintin Castellanos (the music)
San Telmo. – Tango by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (the music)
Melacólico (Melancholic) – Tango by Julián Plaza (the music)
La Comparsita. – Tango by Gerardo Matos Rodríquez (the music)
Mala Junta. (Bad company) – Tango by Julio De Caro (the music)

There are also performances by SGM Galaxy Chamber Orchestra and SGM Renaissance Choir in between the Tango performances. They were all quite good actually.

The Conclusion

I ended up with two very red and sore hands from clapping too enthusiastically – non-stop. LOL.

I was so pleased when the dancers obliged to the crowd’s mad calls for encores – the commotion was like we were in a singing concert. Aiyoh, very malu-lah (embarrassing). Please be informed that I was in no way involved in that noisy encore calls ok. But, I was grateful however *grin*.

Overall, it was a memorable experience. As I said earlier, it was my one-evening-love-affair with Tango.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tango for Two

Horray! going for this dance performance today with my mummy dearest. Tickets sponsored by my hubby :D (yeah, we are sorta back on the right track again - kissed and make up). The show starts tonight at 8pm and here's the location map.

The lead performer, Laura Legazcue (watch the videos on her site - it's awesome. Hahaha, it's what I am going to be enjoying tonight. Yay!) is currently a choreographer, first ballerina and director of the tango ballet of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Uruguay. She has started refining her superb dancing skill at the tender age of 7 years old at the National Ballet of Uruguay with Maestro Eduardo Ramirez. She has also won numerous coveted awards throughout her dancing career - meaning she would be a pleasure to watch *grin*.

I really love watching people dancing but, unfortunately I can't dance - can't even dance in discos. Yup, that's me - I have got two left feet *blush*. One of my favorite reality TV show is on today and it's the finale also :( - Sob, sob I guess I'll have to sacrifice watching "So You Think You Can Dance" to watch some real live hot, hot, hot dancing *wink*.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Green-Eyed-Monster in me

This is what doting Mummy & Daddy bought for Cheeky-Boy to bribe ahem, welcome him back home from his two-week long stay at his Grandma's (my hubby's mom) place in Subang starting from the beginning of the school holidays.

As usual, we had to brace ourselves for his strong rejection and objection of being brought back home with us. I really hated having to go thru this every single time he visits them. We had to literally drag him out of the house, well it’s more like, go in, grab him, and run for the car with him kicking, crying and clawing at us *roll eyes* Sigh…

The thing is, he really enjoys this visits at Grandma's - has developed such strong attachment with his two cousins and also his grandma and aunties. Well, I don't blame him for that as he rarely gets to see them but, I had to admit on being a tad bit jealous at times. Sorry, I just can't help being a little bit possessive over him. Afterall, he is a part of me - bone, blood and down to DNA too – he’s mine, mine, mine!

When we got there to pick him up that day, I told my hubby to leave the toys in the car first. It was a ploy to test his love and loyalty towards us plus, we really wanted to know if he did missed us at all after such long separations - we missed him dearly - especially my hubby - he had to fight off the urge to bring him home earlier than anticipated.

This time around we have gotten a very pleasant surprise from him. He actually ran out from his grandma’s house to greet us enthusiastically and shower us with hugs and kisses – plus, he kept calling us over and over again, “Mummy, Daddy, Mummy, Daddy….” like a broken record. I really don't have the words to describe how I felt that moment - I was like on cloud-nine! - all bursting with pride and happiness.

Sigh, I guess we did underestimate our son’s affection towards us. Never again will I question his love for us from now on. For now I know and believed there’s nothing stronger than the bond between a child and the parent.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Shitty Saturday

Finally gotten that very much needed haircut on Saturday afternoon. Kudos to Gina, my dear gal pal for bringing me to one good hairstylist and it was freaking cheap as well. I went for a wash, cut and colour for a mere RM120 only. Can you believe that?

Our drastic change of hairstyles came out alright but, we were more or less emotionally scarred by an unexpected turn of events.

Here’s the summarized story on what really happened:

We went into the hair salon sharp at 4pm – just right on the dot for our appointment. The place was crowded but, with only 2 hairstylists to carter to all of us, as one of the hairstylists wasn’t around that day. So, it was a mad dash for em’ busily working on one head after another.

To cut the story short, we ended up spending around 6 hours in the salon. Nearly died of hunger, but thanks to dear ol’ sweet Gina - for buying those snacks for me. Really appreciates it *wink*.

I was quite anxious as the clock ticks away – starts counting the hour around 7pm as we are not quite near finishing (not sure if I got the time right, it was just an estimation). My hair is still full of dye, waiting for the colour to fuse. And I think they have only just started applying dye on Gina’s hair. Mati lah….

The thing is, I promised my hubby to be back early as soon as I finished at the hair salon as he has some important business to attend to that night, and he needed me to shoo our little boy away from him while he worked on finishing his tasks for the next day’s presentation.

Well, I felt bad for failing him on this but; it really wasn’t like we wanted this to happen on purpose. It was well out of our control really. I did tried explaining it to me civilly. Unfortunately as usual, he didn’t think like it this way. He was ranting and steaming away in the car while driving us back home from the hair salon (yes, he was so damn pissed waiting and decided to come and fetch drag me home – and it was very humiliating for both me and me poor gal pal. He reached the place about 10pm with my son in towed).

It was unfortunate that my poor lil’ son of 5 years old had to witness this entire ugly scene. I hated him for putting our son up on this. I don’t mind him getting some steam off his chest. I don’t mind him shouting at me or saying hurtful things. But, I do mind that he did it all in front of our son – he is innocent after all – why want to traumatize him with all this petty arguments. Why can’t he just bloody stop and think of the effect this might have on our boy.
When we reached home, my boy cried and kept looking at me helplessly – my heart breaks to see him like that. It was like he was trying to protect me but couldn’t help it but feel helpless. You know what… my boy told me that night when I tuck him to sleep? He said, he cried because daddy scold mummy. I wanted to cry right there and then but, I did not. Not in front of him. I must be strong for him.

This tirade of tantrums didn’t stop well into the night. What makes the matter worst is that, my son kept on creeping downstairs to stand at the lower staircase peeping at us, looking all the more helpless at the sight he was witnessing and trying hard to stop but unable to.

We have called truce yesterday. After my numerous apologies and after his numerous hurtful remarks about me not being a good wife and stuff like that. He apologize yesterday admitting that he had over-reacted. As usual, I accepted his apologize without a fuss. Albeit deep down inside I know there will be another deep scar for me to bear on my already mutilate heart.

Sometimes, I wonder if he ever understands that, “Things once broken will never ever mend like it was before. There will always be a scar however well you tried to mend it”.

Meanwhile, I have already promised myself to stay strong and positive and make the best out of what I have. I am a survival afterall. So don't worry ya.

Post script:

Gina, I know I have already apologize to you countless time but, I had to say it again – Sorry for leaving early and leaving you alone at the hair salon and also for traumatizing you over this petty incident.

Dear all, this post was kinda typed in a haste therefore, it might contained some errors on it be it typos or phrasing. So pardon me ok :P

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hair Woes

Going for a haircut tomorrow with a gal pal.

Finally getting rid of my lifeless hairstyle - it's natural black, very long - reaches my waist in fact, limped and dry looking. Ahem, with splits ends as well. So, it's about time for an updated look.

What do you think of the hairstyle below?

(This picture is just a sample of how the hairstyle looks like. It is not a picture of me ok)

I think it looks fresh and young - just what I needed - as I know I am not getting any younger. Plus, it looks like low maintainance kinda hairstyle :D Yeah, I pretty lazy in styling and caring for my hair. Hehehehe... I guess I just ain't the regular type of gal.

The main reason I am desperate for a new haircut is that, my hair has been shedding like cat's fur for quite sometime now. And I noticed it's kind of thinning in the front portion. I figured a shorter hairstyle would help to lessen the gravitational pull. LOL.

I will miss my long long hair though. Sniff. I do hope this new style wouldn't suck.

Losing Sense of Self

Actually this was written yesterday night after one of my hubby’s usual bout of volcanic eruption. Sigh...

Even so, I still love him. And I know he loves me very much – in fact, sometimes I think he loves me too much, which is why I constantly found myself in this sort of dilemma.

Listening to a piece of beautiful piano music, "Canon in D" while typing this on my mobile phone right now. It's one of my most favorite piece of music. Very inspiring and relaxing.

There are a few things I have always wanted in my life. It was just simple things and yet it seems so unattainable - Impossible, in fact.

I was a free-spirited woman during my singleton days – it was all fun and happening. I get to do what I want, when I want, where I want. Things were much less complicated then until I choose to complicate it (how stupid!) – so, basically it was my own undoing – no blaming on others.

I now find myself being tied down not only physically but emotionally as well. Even the simplest act of expressing self was a luxury of the past.

What’s worst is that I actually thought I could repressed this feeling of losing my own identity by focusing solely on my family especially my beautiful little boy and start believing I might really find happiness and fulfillment in my life even without getting what I yearned for… This has proven to be very, very wrong indeed.

As I realized I have forgotten one simple fact… that I am only human.

I have actually written quite a lot detailing on what I really secretly wished for but, I just don’t feel right posting it up here… at this moment.
You know… each and every time I re-read this post I feel an ache deep down my heart…

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Protein Enriched Coffee

There is just so wide range of coffee in the market nowadays…. We are all literary spoilt by choices.

Lately there’s also vitamin/mineral enriched instant coffee in the market. Let’s see, there’s the calcium enriched coffee, ginseng coffee, ginger & honey coffee etc… etc… and the list goes on.

Anyhow, I think it’s all just a gimmick – how can coffee give you additional calcium boast in your body? When it is supposed to work against it, as coffee is known to decrease your body’s ability to absorb calcium – it sorta flush the calcium out of our body. Hmmm… so, go figure.

And today, I am going to introduce you to my new range of coffee – Tada! Meet my “Kleio’s High Protein Coffee”.

Dying for a sip?

The Secret Ingredients:
• One teaspoonful of instant coffee powder
• Two teaspoonful of Coffeemate
• Two teaspoonful of condensed milk
• Steaming hot water
• One miniscule ant (added for that extra boast of protein) - but, the size and type of ant is entirely up to your own preference ya *wink*

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Souvenirs from Abroad & Wormy Cravings

Yay! Gotten a handful of souvenirs from my mummy dearest - Chiangmai souvenirs :D

Mom went to Chiangmai last week for a whole week with her boyfriend. She just got back this Monday night. “The weather’s hot,” she said. Poor thing, she looked half dead when I saw her yesterday night. “It’s a very, very, tiring trip,” she adds.

They followed the travel agency’s schedule for the first 2 days and then, skip em’ for their own free and easy traveling for the rest of the days – Smart thinking, I’ll say.

They went for some tribe visiting, elephant sanctuary and blah, blah, blah, blah…

These are some of the souvenirs from her to yours truly :D ….

Actually, there is also one pretty little black T-Shirt with gold stamping and hand-sewn golden beads but, I didn’t get the chance to photograph it yet. Sorry.

Last but not least… yes, one handmade key-chain thrown in as souvenir as well – and yes, key-chain is a must and the norm you get from frens/relatives from their trips. Irregardless of how much you hate em’ *cheeky grin* - frankly, I don’t hate em’ at all, or mind getting any of it though. As the saying goes, “Anything is Always Better than Nothing”, right? Plus, it’s the thoughts that counts :D So, keep em’ souvenirs coming ya *wink*.

Drum roll…..

Ahem… there is this one little souvenir I very much wanted to get but never did, but arhh… it’s kinda weird.

You see, I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food :P - I am also very curious about worldwide local delicacies – therefore, I have always, yes always, wanted to try those deep fried creepy-crawlies such as worms, scorpions, bugs and such, and don’t forget those gargantuan hairy spiders as well. Weird, I know.

Unfortunately, my mom didn’t try to smuggle some back home to tease my taste buds :( But, I did vaguely recalled hinting her to get me some though *sulk*. She told me she did tried one Deep Fried Wood Worm – and found it to be very bland. Hmmm…. Maybe it should be taken with some sauce perhaps? Sambal belacan worms, anyone for the takings? LOL

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Urgh! Sticky Fingers

Typed this during lunch today and it's raining like cats n dogs out there. Yeah, I sorta skipped my lunch - due to the heavy breakfast I had this morn. So, don't worry, I am not on a diet ya. Will never go on a diet. I still love eating (especially junk food) too much to ever forgone this heavenly indulges and joy of being a human being.

Ok. Back to my topic.

I was busily writting away (boringly logging some documents) this morning in the office when I suddenly felt something sticky and slick between my left fingers. The first thought that crossed my mind before I look was, "Eweeewww... who's slime was that?."

And this is what I saw................................................................


Yiiiiiii.... it's on my chair too.

This is where I gotten the slick from.

And this is the Culprit - A retractable blue gel pen.

All this freaking happened due to one small little negligence on my part i.e. I forgotten to re-tract its head... ahem, sorry, I meant its eye after using it.

So, Lesson # 1 - Never leave your pen uncap or drawn-out when
not in use - It's one messy affair if you did.

Lesson # 2 - Do not attempt to touch your face with your hands at anytime of the day (except when you are washing of course) - or you might just end up being in the centre-of-attention - in today's scenario especially :D

I was lucky... or I should I say, I am pretty smart for adopting the No-Touching-Face policy at all times. Cos’ our hands are so full of germs and dirt most of the time, it might even the dirtiest part of our body.

After some vigorous washing, I still can’t get rid of the mess.
Sigh… luckily I am not going anywhere posh or something like it after work :P

Monday, November 27, 2006

Arghhh..... I am Fumming Mad!!! (Blogger Beta's Theme)

Very frustrated with my Blogger Beta theme now *sulk*. Blogger Beta has got very limited themes available. If only they just let us change the stupid header picture easily - I would be ever grateful.

I know there are many themes/skins for Bloggers from third party out there... but, it's a pity many of it doesn't support Blogger Beta (which is what I am currently using) Sigh... I seriously thought of moving my blog to Wordpress (which has got a cleaner layout - just exactly as I like em’ to be). Except, I just found out that although Wordpress does brilliantly provide the capability of importing your posts and comments from other popular blogsites such as Blogger, MySpace and LiveJournal etc., unfortunately it does not support Blogger Beta’s imports.

Wahh…huahhh..huaaahhhh…. Shit-to-lo-gi liao.

Maybe I will just have to create a new blog at Wordpress, leaving behind all my previous posts and comments – I don’t see any other alternatives to this. Unless, unless, some good soul could point me to the right direction or better still, a third party source for lovely themes catering for Blogger Beta also.

P/S: Gina (an old fren of mine), I know you are going to be laughing at me right now… but don’t, cause I am seriously pissed.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Gold Medalist ~ Grasp!!! Oh-My-Goshiness...

Just to share my joy on my son's achievement.

He has just been awarded with a Gold Medal for the
Tidiness Award
2006 by his Pre-school. Actually, it was already 2 weeks ago :P - just didn't gotten around to post it here yet. Ha!

Felt like a million-bucks-mom when he showed it to me estatically when I came back from work. Took pictures right after pictures of him berposing-posing with the medal. LOL. Ahh... a mother's pride, don't laugh ok - I can't help it :P

My Little Black Jacket

Very estatic this morning :D - Yeah!

Truly happy with myself.

I found out this morning that I can now fit into one of my old size 4 jacket. Cool... No diet, no wonder drug and no sweat (as in exercising apart from the marital-bed-exercises *wink*) - I just slim down just like that. I can't believe it.

Talking about the jacket... hmmm.... I think I have gotten it when I was still a sweet-young-thing venturing out into the dog-eat-dog corporate world after college. Come to think of it, it was actualy my second job. If not mistaken, I was only 19 years old then - very spring-chicken. Not to mention, I only weight about 43kg at that time as compared to my now addition of 10kg (more or less) :D - almost all clothes look big and loose for me then ha!

So, now you can image my how estatic I was when I tried on this black jacket gingerly this morning and found it to be almost a perfect fit. Bliss....

I am wearing it now ;) - to work. And I have gotten a compliment from a dear friend of mine :D

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Susu's Bliss.... ( In the arms of her beloved )

Took these pix yesterday night. My Studly-Bro was stroking her continuously while we were watching TV.

She looked so blissful and contented don’t you think so. Susu’s my bro’s favourite pooch, and she knew it – always know how to milk all the attention from him. Yeah. I guess Susu’s my bro’s bitch. LOL

Ok ok. She’s cute and adorable too…. provided when she’s not grouchy, that is. Most of the time, she is – that’s the prob.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Poor lil' Susu

Susu had a bad case of rashes and my mom had cut of most of her fur for speedier recovery - she reasoned. Kesian Susu, she now looked so frail and thin.

As per requested by fellow blogger Che-Cheh (her beloved dog Chester is also suffering from some kind of skin allergy), I am now posting some of Susu's photos here. There's also a short video clip on Susu current's condition.

Video Clip

Praying that she will recover soon enough and regain all her glorious fur.

Chef for the Day ( In-house Pizza Pancakes )

5th November 2006, Sunday

Sunday is a day for some quality family time. So, I decided to be the Chef-of-Honour for the day.

Introducing my specialty… Pizza Pancakes!

Dried Prawns (about one handful, or less)
Crab Meat Stick (5 sticks)
Ayamas Garlic Sausage (1 stick)
Chicken Egg (2 pcs)
Flour (sorry, I don’t know the measurement. As I go by my own judgment)
Butter (for the frying the pancakes)
Salt (to taste)
Sugar (to taste)
Soya Sauce (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)

The Batter
Put some flour into a pot/large mixing bowl and pour some water in it. Proceed to mix it up… thoroughly. Then crack two eggs into it and do more mixing. Try to get the mixture as smooth as possible, please. As for the consistency, I’ll just have to leave it to your own judgment. Oh yes, add in some salt, soya sauce, sugar (just a tea spoon or less as we are making salty pancakes not the sweet type) and a dash of pepper to taste.

The Extra Stuffs to be added into the Batter for that Extra Ohmmps!
Dice the soaked dry prawns and stir fried it until it turn into a yummy golden brown (see pix below).

Slice the Crab Meat and Sausage (as per pix below ok). You might want to make sure you slice it thin enough – cos’ it might not stick well in the pancakes when you fry it. Unless, you make the batter extra thick to support it – then, it will take ages to cook. Hahaha… I like my pancakes thin and crispy. Yum!

See pixs below (clockwise please):
The first top row of the four (4) pix is one of my first attempts for test run. Didn’t turn out well enough for my standard. Taste still not up to par (too bland), size is totally out (too small to be tantalizing due to the batter being too thick to be spread out any larger), wrong technique in adding the Extra Stuffs for Ommphs (I actually tried to stick em’ all on like pizza toppings after I pour the batter on the pan. Wrong move, cause the batter gets cooked and dried almost instantly before I even got the chance to lay em’ all on).

The remedy…
On second attempt, I pour the Extra Stuffs for Ommphs into my Batter at the advice of my “Kitchen-Goddess-Grandmama”. The end result was pretty good (see the large pix in the center and the other two small ones on the right hand side of it). How come I didn’t think of it in the first place? Sometimes, we tend to over complicate things in life hor.

Just for laugh....

As I was a little bit bored in the kitchen, all alone, dishing out one pancake at a time… albeit lovingly so. I decided then to have some fun while doing it hence, I did the “Frying Pan & Turner Dance”. Whoa... did I have fun. It was loads of fun actually *grin*. Hell, it was waaaaay…. too much fun that I had to video myself doing the moves.

Here’s my video clip. LOL.

Here’s my end results:

Oh yeah! don’t forget to use lotsa butter to fry your pancakes. Plus, it does goes well with Thai Cili Sos. YUM! Five stars. Hahaha….

Not bad.... not bad at all. I was actually given thumbs-up by Little Boy, Kitchen-Goddess-Grandmama and Stud-ly Bro you know. So, I am pretty smug about this now *grin*.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this, cos’ I know I am not a very good cook and I am even suck writting about it.

Extra Bits:

Poor Kopi-O & Susu didn’t get their cut on my yummylicious pancakes. Muahahahahaha….. *mother-of-all evil grin*

Friday, November 03, 2006

Spam Unlimited

Spam is certainly no Ham. That's for sure.

Been busy waging a war on Spam in my Outlook 2002 these past two weeks. It's really getting on my nerves. I get about averagely 10 spam mails per day - sometimes even more. Ugh! How frustrating.

It was really irritating, plus it is a pure waste of time to manually weed these junks out from my Inbox everyday and trying hard to avoid clicking any of it open accidentally as it may carry some malicious wares such as viruses or other dangerous hidden programs. Better be safe than to be sorry ya.

What’s more frustrating is that, filtering them out proven to be &^%$#@ freaking tedious and hopeless especially if you are using Outlook 2002 and not any other higher versions such as Outlook 2003 which comes with a better filter (more features, better flexibility and easier to configure plus, most importantly…. It’s updateable unlike its predecessor).

Spammers are getting more and more cunning nowadays – their spam contains not only text BUT, also contains html or cleverly displayed as picture/image. And these tricks helps it to bypass the normal or an ordinary Junk-mail filter.
Adding these Junk-mail’s sender addresses to the Junk-Mail Sender List would be a total waste of time – I will tell you why…. It’s because these Spammers had a way to create new email accounts for each of its spam. Therefore you may be receiving the same spam content but, it would be from different email addresses each time – So, does this not make adding them into the Junk-Mail Sender List null and void??

What am I supposed to do now?..... Since the normal kind of built-in filtering is not working as effective as I wanted it to be. Am I supposed to just ignore them as what my company’s IT personnel advised?.... Ha! Fat chance that is. LOL - Wage a war I will, and a victorious war it shall be..... Muahhahhahahaha….. Spam beware. Vengeance is my middle name *evil grin*.

The Solutions……

After countless hours of hardcore digging thru the net and some IT magazines and also not to mention, after numerous test runs.... Eureka! two fine and dandy solutions was uprooted at last.

One is by using external help in the form of a third party Outlook Addin called SpamBayes Outlook Addin 1.0.4 and the second option, would be turning back to Outlook 2002 filter for help - But do not fear, for I have somehow managed to fine tune (or customise) a filtering rule to near perfection... ahem..(to me at least :D). I shall only elaborate on this internal filter next week or so. Cos’ time does not permit me to go into the details today. Sorry.

SpamBayes Outlook Addin
Just download it from the net – it’s free and it’s good plus, it’s damn easy to configure :)

Basically, you just need to teach it like a child to differentiate between what is good food and what is junk food and which one to steer clear off. And this awesome piece of software is called a Bayesian filter.

To sum things off….

All in all, I have gain more that I lose in this War I have waged against the Evil Spam. Gained more knowledge about Spam and Outlook filtering how-tos. Gained tons of confidence *silly grin* and self-worth too. Ahha….

So, until later then…. Ta...ta...

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Hermit’s Hiatus

Sorry to everyone for my long hiatus – I got distracted or shall I say sidetracked *tee hee hee*.

I have to admit that I have got some problems maintaining this site now due to my immersion in another site (sorry people, as much as I wished to disclose the whereabouts of this site, I can’t. Simply because I do not wish to uncover my identity here. So sorry).

Will try to continue with the Slogan post I have promised so looooong….loooong…. time ago *blush*. Anyway, I doubted that I ace it :( - I am saying this because lately, (after the closing of the competition) I have noticed so many ads on this new processor chip with way.... too good slogans, of which, I wouldn’t have thought of in a million years. LOL!!!!!

Well, looking at the brighter side of it, this competition had somehow given me new strength and new found confidence - I am proud that I am able to come out with so many slogans, though they kinda suck, big time – after I made the comparison with the commercial ones. Ahaha.
Until then, adious!

Friday, September 08, 2006

One Mean Machine

Whoopee!!! Yesterday night, I have been churning out slogans like a mean ol’ sloganizer - albeit still being bugged by my itchy butt *roll eyes* - yes, it’s a very irritating itch but, hey, maybe…. just maybe…. I think better with it (said with full intent of sarcasm).

Can you believe that I actually scratched 2 full pages of
slogans in less than an hour or so. But, in the end, only 11 from the list actually made it through my own very stringent QC board. Still, I am felling pretty good with myself *silly grin on face*.

Don’t you think it’s a great achievement on my part? Well, for once I am quite amazed by myself, for I never thought that I could actually do it in the first place cos’ in the beginning, I can’t even think of one lousy slogans. So, hey Intel Core 2 Duo processor PC, here I come!!! – you are mine…. all mine…. *of to the dreamland of the geeks :P*

Wish me luck you guys!

Ciao, until next time.

NOTE: I promised I will post those slogans I have written right after the closing of this contest ok. So, be patience *blew raspberry*.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Itchy Butt Dilemma

Got one hell of an itchy butt this whole morning. Thus, in a highly irritable mood now. And scratch I did but, discreetly of course. Worst of all I had to do this in my office cubicle in the most subtle way I could muster :P (for this, I had to thank my company's uniform Jacket for easy hidding of my hand down my skirt from behind) - look, I can't be running off to the toilet every second it act up right!
So god help me!!!!! Arghh... this is driving me absolutely crazy. *fierce glare* YOU DARE LAUGH AT ME!? Growwwl......
(Sign stuck on forehead reads: KEEP-OUT. DO NOT APPROACH AT ALL COST!!!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slogan Writing is a Bummer

Slogan writing is a pain-in-the-butt. Really, it drives you nuts most of the time but, at the same time it gets you excited at the notion that you might just be able to pull it off this one time with a sudden flash of brilliance. As the saying goes, “If you have the Will, there is a Way”.

So therefore, I had gotten myself brain drained by this hazardous endeavor lately. All this headache was for the greed of owning one state-of-the-art PC powered by the much hyped world’s best processor at the moment – the ‘Intel Core 2 Duo processor’. It has claimed to be 40% much faster and 40% much more energy efficient than any other of its counterparts. Basically, it was the “Ultimate-All-Geeks-Dream-Hardware” (for your info, I am absolutely not a geek - just in case you might mistook my meaning. Hehehe).

Alright, moving on, more about this contest by Intel coming right up…

The first part, you have got to answer a few no-brainer questions (as usual, answers are already provided or I should say STATED somewhere obvious – in this case it’s in their website). Then comes the real road block…. SURPRISED! SURPRISED! *acting like really astounded* is to complete a slogan in not more than 10 words – this sucks big time right!? Writing a slogan is already an uphill task but, one that is within 10 words? Tsk! tsk! tsk! Don’t you think any slogan would have sounded much better within the frame of say, 20 words?

Personally I think that the 10 words limit should only be reserved for taglines and not slogans. Don’t you think so? I find that the prepositions in the sentence of my slogan already taken up 5-6 words and this will only leave me the same or less amount of words for the important keywords %^$#@*

Now, enough with my lamentations and on with the report of my slogan writing progress. Somehow, I did manage to get the ball rolling. All thanks to my rare-at-times-but-not-zero stroke of brilliance *light bulb blinking on my head luminously* - I decided to turn to my trusty ‘Eveready-Answer-Guru’…. the INTERNET.

I surfed…. and surfed… Googled… and Googled, till I stumbled upon a few nifty websites that offers what they called a Slogan Generator. Tada!!!!! Ever heard of one before?? I for one haven’t until todate.
(here is a sample of one of these slogan generator - Sloganizer).

A wonderful find isn’t it, you asked. Well…. It’s a YES and a NO – ‘cos these so called generators do not exactly dish out slogans that are nicely constructed as I have been hoping for. Most of the time, what it generated are gibberish. But, then again to me, it’s a start – I get inspirations or ideas from these gibble-jabbles. I just need to rephrase it, give it twist of creativity here and there and WOILA!!! An almost perfecto slogan at hand.

Alrighty then, I shall post my slogans right after the closing of this contest ok. (to prevent any possible pilfering you know - however ‘teruk’ my slogans are, I still feel the need to protect my own interest) Then you can all critique at will.

Meanwhile, I shall challenge you to complete this slogan “I want to own a personal computer based on the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor because…………………………………………………” (in no more than 10 words) :P
*cheeky laugh*

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Slurpee Getaway

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I popped into 7-Eleven just now during lunch hour - and you what, I had managed to embarrassed myself in less than 2 seconds being in there. You see, I was feeling kinda childish and young today so I decided to have a Grape Slurpee just for the fun of it.

There I go….. minding my own business, trying not to look too out-of-place while patiently filing up a small size cup with Grape Slurpee. Ahem… luckily I still remembered how to turn the knob (yeah.. it has been a while since I have had a cup of Slurpee – the last time was like, ermmm… during my college days and that was eons ago *blush-blush*).

Once I gotten my cup filled up I decided to go for the plastic-dome-cap. Just about then, a bunch of secondary school kids entered the premise noisily and was hovering around at the counter area. So, I popped the cap on unceremoniously and approached the cash counter with it and started digging my coin purse for some change as quickly as possible – determined to make a fast getaway before I attract any unwanted patronizing stares from this bunch of young-and-happening-kids.

To my mortification, when I glance back at the counter top - my Slurpee was slurping all over, a great amount of it was forcing its way out from the hole on top of that dome-cap - making me look like a complete fool and a greedy cum idiotic woman who was way too old for this stuff anyways.

The thing is, I didn’t know this stuff expands – so I filled my cup full (but, not like mountain kinda full but, just right up to the brim with 1 cm to spare though). Trust me, I wasn’t trying to be greedy or something like that *indignant look*. I swear!

The worst thing was… all this was witnessed by the said bunch of youngster who had also had the cheek to point at my cup of offending flowing juice, while making some remarks to their friends. Ooo… how I wished I could just disappeared into thin air *face turning beetroot-red* And that cashier guy wasn’t much better at sparing me the embarrassment – cos’ he looked stupidly at me and the cup - apparently baffled. I had no choice but to open my mouth to ask him for a plastic bag and made a quick exit.

I have never felt so old and foolish – and this was only over a cup of beverage. Sigh… *sob! sniff-sniff*

Monday, August 14, 2006

All Paws on Deck!!!

13th August 2006, Sunday


Ahoy there mate! I was washed ashore the ‘Bukit Ekspo’ this morn’ with my four-legged mate ‘Kopi-O’ and ‘Susu’ together with my Momsie, Brosie and BB (my five-year-old son). It was my Brosie’s brilliant idea to set sail for the Pirateland-of-the-Four-Legged-Canines.

Dgth (10).jpg


Yup! Your guess is right! I am babbling about this years’ Dogathon 2006 organized by the Veterinary students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), and sponsored by Pedigree. The event is from 7am-1pm and is held at ‘Bukit Ekspo' in the spacious campus grounds of UPM, Serdang. They even have a theme for it - “Pirates: All Paws on Deck!!” DOGATHON 2006. After some Googling I found out that, last year they had a Cowboy theme. I guess this year’s theme has been pretty much influenced by the current hype-up blockbuster movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”.

I can’t believe that it was already the 10th Dogathon Annivesary (started since 1997) and yet, I have not even been to one until now. What a shame “tsk, tsk, tsk”. I am glad that I agreed to go when my Momsie offered to slot me and my boy in this time. Frankly speaking, I was a little bit reluctant to tag along at first, as I will have to get up goddamn early - at 6.20am on a lazy Sunday too! Have to be there early to avoid the scorching sun my Momsie reasoned – it suck! But, I had to agree on this cos’ I too detest the sun’s damaging effect on my beautiful alabaster skin *cheeky grin*. At first, I was perplexed when she mentioned dogathon – I thought I heard ‘togathon’ or something *chuckle*.

Some info on the event:-

Ok, as I am currently trying not to be too long-winded when I blog – here are some photos taken at this fun event: -

Dgth (13).jpg

Top Clockwise: The Stage of course / Just one of the many Signs with the Piratry Theme / One of the Booth / Ahoy there! Me ship has docked at the Pirateland-of-the-Four-Legged-Canines.

Dgth (6).jpg

Top Clockwise: That Booth again (sorry for the repeated photo) / Pic 2 & 4: A booth by SPCA for Dogs Adoption – there are some cuties waiting for loving master in their cages / Other pooch-related-booths for those shopaholics out there.

Dgth (8).jpg

Left: Babes with picnicking with their as-lovely-as-their-owner pooch.

Right: Actually, I was trying to snap a pic of that cute lil’ old man there – A Schnauzer, I believe. Sorry, I know I didn’t do much of a good job taking this lousy pic – thing is, it kept turning its head left-right, left-right, over and over again. Sigh.

Dgth (11).jpg

An Obstacle-Course for owners to show-off their pooch’s skill and to satisfy their own ego *grin* - no offends, just joking ok!

This was actually, quite fun - ‘Kopi-O’ enjoyed it the most (as you can see from these pics. On the other hand, ‘Susu’ wasn’t very game for this – then again, that’s expected as she is already in the Old-ladies category (she’s a 10-years-old dog). She’s grumpy most of the time nowadays – so, don’t irk her or else you’ll be at the receiving end of a bitch’s wrath. Growl!!!

Dgth (7).jpg

‘Kopi-O’ performing with agility and grace with much courage too – for a young pooch. Sigh! And here is ‘Susu’ being forced coaxed by my Brosie to go up the ramp – poor thing, she was shaky throughout the ordeal.

Dgth (5).jpg

This ‘Kopi-O’ is truly a ‘Cili-Padi’ (hot pepper) – she may by small and all but, she was really daring, as many other poochies were terrified of this ramp. God, it was steep. Kudos to ‘Kopi-O’!

Dgth (4).jpg

Top Clockwise: What’s a cute lil’ thing doing on the ramp? – poor thing, did your master put you up there for his own ego? / ‘Kopi-O’ exploring the Tunnel-of-Love while old ‘Susu’ looks on. / Had to coax ‘Kopi-O’ out from the tunnel as she was intoxicated by love and lost direction *snigger* / Another poochy with it’s owner exploring the course.

Dgth (12).jpg

Top Clockwise: This set-up was for the Master-Hunt event. We had ‘Kopi-O’ tried it out – the first time, she was puzzled as to what we want her to do. After the first run, she was brilliant – completed the hunt in seconds!

Dgth (14).jpg

This event was called the ‘Fastest Eating Duo’ – where the owner and their pooch stuff their faces with food as-quick-as-possible to clinch the title.

Dgth (9).jpg

Awww… ‘Susu’ made a friend - such an adorable lil’ thing too. Looks like ‘Susu’ still has her own charm albeit being an old pooch.

P/S: They were butt-sniffing each other. Euww!

Dgth (17).jpg

Top Clockwise:

Ø BB (my son) pats a cute poochie of his choice. I don’t know what breed it was but, I sure would like one too – feels like squeezing the life out of it – its too cute (Ok, ok! please don’t call the Animal Abuse Hotline – I am just trying to describe how cute and cuddly this little pooch was)

Ø Aik!? This one looks exactly like my ‘Kopi-O’. It was sitting contently on the lap of an old lady throughout the morning.

Ø Wow, very original. A kingly pooch. Aye, yer majesty! (Next time, must convince my Momsie to dress ‘Kopi-O’ as a clown *tee hee hee* and ‘Susu’ can be a princess)

Ø Just another pooch I spotted.

Dgth (19).jpg

Introducing the Cute-Ones – loved the two at the bottom of this pic (clockwise, pic no. 3 & 4) very much.

Dgth (2).jpg

More cuties and some of Susu’s look-alikes (clockwise, pic no. 2 & 4).

Dgth (18).jpg

Aha! The Majestic-Ones. My dream dogs are the two on top

(Golden Retriever/Labrador). The Afghan hound in this pic looks a little weird.

Dgth (3).jpg

A dog with sunshades – Cool man!

Dgth (20).jpg

Top Clockwise:

Ø Oooo… my dream dog again – the Labrador/Golden Retriever.

Ø “This old man, he plays one. He plays knick-knack on my drum…” – the Schnauzer again.

Ø A trio of Alsatian?? Or is it German Shepherd? They gave me and my boy a scare as one of them leap and barked at us for no reason at all, Shessh! (or maybe it was barking at ‘Susu’?).

Ø The Beetles - Oops! sorry, I meant the 'Beagles'. Yeah!!! – love em!

Dgth (1).jpg

Tada!!! – the biggest of em’ all in the pack. The ‘Big-Brother’ in this event. LOL. Don’t they look magnificent?

Saint Bernard is one cool breed – I love em’ too! – at least, I wouldn’t squeeze them to death as easily as the cutes-ones.


End of photography session!!! Hoped you enjoyed it cos’ I really did enjoyed the whole event *grinning eye-to-eye*. Came out of it with a huge urge to squeeze every warm and cuddly thing in my path.

If you are interested to know more about this event you can log on to Dogathon 2006 the official site by UPM. Alternatively, you may also visit a fellow blogger Che-Cheh.