Friday, September 08, 2006

One Mean Machine

Whoopee!!! Yesterday night, I have been churning out slogans like a mean ol’ sloganizer - albeit still being bugged by my itchy butt *roll eyes* - yes, it’s a very irritating itch but, hey, maybe…. just maybe…. I think better with it (said with full intent of sarcasm).

Can you believe that I actually scratched 2 full pages of
slogans in less than an hour or so. But, in the end, only 11 from the list actually made it through my own very stringent QC board. Still, I am felling pretty good with myself *silly grin on face*.

Don’t you think it’s a great achievement on my part? Well, for once I am quite amazed by myself, for I never thought that I could actually do it in the first place cos’ in the beginning, I can’t even think of one lousy slogans. So, hey Intel Core 2 Duo processor PC, here I come!!! – you are mine…. all mine…. *of to the dreamland of the geeks :P*

Wish me luck you guys!

Ciao, until next time.

NOTE: I promised I will post those slogans I have written right after the closing of this contest ok. So, be patience *blew raspberry*.


Che-Cheh said...

Dear good luck!

Kleio the Muse said...

Thanks. I needed it. Lots of it, in fact ;P

Really needed a PC at home most desperately for my new found hobbies - blogging and video editing.

stev said...

11 slogans... whoa!
(that means i think thats a lot :P)

hows the blogging & video editing going?

ps. thanks for the link (links you up as well)

Kleio the Muse said...

TQ Stev,

For linking me and for visiting my site and commenting too. I really appreciate it.

Sorry bout my long hiatus too *blush* - got caught up with some things :P

Still struggling with the Video editing *tee hee* - just don't have the time and of course not to mention lack of the one most immportant thing.... a PC at home - to do all!!! *sob!*

stev said...


most welcome

no PC??!!
how can you live? :P

hmm. i suck at vid editing so...
wld love to see ur work when its up =)