Monday, February 04, 2008

Kleio's Personalised CNY Greetings

Just a quick post. I had to do this. Cos' it's Chinese New Year the biggest festival for us Chinese. It wouldn't stand well for me to going on long holiday without first wishing all my friends here a very Happy Chinese New Year.

As you are all so very special to me, I have decided to personalised my greetings to all of you by means of a short audio clip recording. Yes, you get to hear my voice, the ever elusive and mysterious hermit has decided to talk, literally.

Just did this recording over lunch today. Hiding quietly in my superior's room with the MP3 player/recorder which I bought with my hard earned money last year. I must say, I sounded very nervous in it. Cos' I am, I am so nervous that my tongue felt so thick and clumsy. Lol. Gosh.

So, here's my dedication to all my fellow beloved blog pals:

Hope all of you have a joyous and eventful Chinese New Year. I know I am going to spend my CNY holidays uneventfully and boringly at my in-laws. Again. Sigh....