Friday, May 04, 2007

Declaration of Love and Musical Enraptures

Hyundai Digital Audio Player Model No. HY-407

At last! I am once again enveloped in pure musical bliss. Just acquired a digital media player or some prefer calling it MP3 player. Didn’t get a chance to post about it online due to those cumbersome mood swings of mine. I guess I gotten it to appease my recent mood lowdown. Bought it with my hard earned bonus though *grinning eye-to-eye*.

Nostalgic Reminiscing of My Heydays Musical Enraptures
Having it brought back many fond nostalgic memories of mine during college days whereby I couldn’t go a step without my trusty walkman by my side. If I recall correctly, it’s an Aiwa Walkman. Though it’s not something high-end but, it’s serviceable and I enjoyed it tremendously plus it's comforting to have it by my side constantly.

I could still remember commuting to and flow the college by means of sardine-packed public buses. Mind you, it wasn’t always pleasant traveling around like this especially when there are almost constant unpleasant encounters with some perverted commuters along the ride. Ok, that’s that and let’s not detour from my original story here. What had I actually wanted to say here is that, that trusty walkman of mine has accompanied me through all the possible unpleasantness and sometimes boring ride throughout town… usually stuck motionless in a
traffic jam no less, with the air stifling thick and dusty with the fumes of exhaust emissions with mixtures of body odors and sweats thrown in occasionally. Yuck! Hence I am so very glad and appreciative of having my cassette walkman with me at times especially moments like this to disperse any possible discomfort or boredom. Just depress the ‘Play’ button and shut off all things else – wrapped up in musical bliss and off into a world of my own. Pure bliss.

On with the Current New Love of My Love
Okay. Back to current topic about my newly acquired digital media player. As you can see from the somewhat low quality picture (sorry bout that,
you will have to excuse me on this as I don’t have a proper digital camera. This was taken using my mini video camera which also comes with picture taking capability however pathetic the end result is) it is a Hyundai Digital Audio Player Model No. HY-407 (Encoding MP3/MWA/FM). Yes, it also comes with radio reception capability but, I must say I am quite disappointed as to its poor signal reception. Thus, rendering this otherwise could have been another entertaining features useless and redundant much to my chagrin.

What I love best about this slim packed player is that the fil
e transferability is an absolute ease as it employs the usage of USB connectivity within reasonable file transfer speed. Hence, effectively minus the need to install any software into your PC unlike most of the other digital media players which is almost a prerequisite to install some sort of software before we could fully utilize and enjoy the product. Without this limitation and cumbersome requirement, I am free to just Plug & Play this clever device of mine into any PC I want with much ease – just the way I like it... no commitment or strings attached. LOL. This is one of the reasons why I choose this model besides its affordable price tag which conforms with my current dictating budget. Oh yeah, it can also serve as an USB Thumbdrive (Flash Drive) too. Cool isn’t it. Plus, the recording capability wasn’t too bad either. Maybe… just maybe one day I would actually record a short clip of my voice for your active imagination of how Kleio would look like exactly while associating it with the voice clip ;P LOL.

I had originally wanted to scout for a Sony… one just like this pic on my right. Unfortunately, my allotted budget is just too miniscule to even dream of it. Sigh… Maybe, one fine day then, for now I am just as content with my current acquisition. Though I did wish it has a larger memory than 256MB. I would be utterly delighted if it’s a 1GB instead.

Wrapping Up the Gist
Nevertheless, I had enjoyed this device tremendously and it has never exactly left my side at all from the moment I bought it. I had it with me everyday - I am obsessed with it I guess. Hahaha. Anyhow, it does help to elevate my mood and even motivates me throughout my household chores. Wonderful right. Cause I hate to do household chores. I am not exactly what one would call a wife material? And I know I aren’t one. So what? The point is, I don’t freaking care.

Here’s a little someone I would like to introduce to all. This little fellow has smitten me with its cuteness and uniqueness.

This cute little thingamajig was a souvenir from a dear old friend of mine who has just come back from her Hanoi trip. Thanks Gina… nice choice of color too dear ;)

It’s so charming watching this little fellow perch on the tip my finger balancing with prefect precision. How quaint.

Dear all, please be my guest to visit Gina at her site, Absolut Ginger if you wished to read more about her escapade at Hanoi and ogle at her awesome photography skill (something myself and her hoarders of friends and fans always look forward to after each of her interesting trips).

Yeah, I am plugging her and shamelessly so, for she is one of the reason and the inspiration that motivates me to own a blog of my own. I am sure you would most definitely enjoy her too.


Kok said...

How much difference between the Sony and your Hyundai MP3 player? I think Sony has better quality? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Actually, I'm thinking of getting myself an MP3 player, too. I want to get an iPod Video (initially wanted an iPod nano). 80gb for Aud$449 and 30gb for Aud$380. With Aud$70 difference, I don't know which one should I get. I'm using my own money to get this, so, another new gadget to add from my own money. I know it's soooo much expensive compared to yours. But, just a reward to myself. ;)

That dragonfly is indeed cute! Where do you place it now? Don't tell me it's still staying on the tip of your finger. haha!

vhanded said...

Yea, me too, planning to use my hard earn blogging money to buy myself iPod Nano. But I am kind of branded person, but only towards electronic stuff like PC. I won't buy cheaper one, even I am hunger for music, until I have money to get a branded one.

I love that dragonfly!

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Hey there! I've been thinking about getting an mp3 player too :) Time to dust off my CDs and get them copied so I actually listen to them more :) welcome back and btw I changed my site so you might want to drop by my new home

Che-Cheh said...

Me no plan to buy MP3. I can survive on radio alone. Hahaha

Cute dragonfly. :)

gina said...

Been trying to comment the past few days but somehow blogspot just gave me some problems.

Aiks.. *shy*. Glad that you like the dragon fly though.

Firehorse said...

I will hop over and visit your friend now okay?

Kleio the Muse said...

Sony was waaay out of my league cos' it is about RM400 or more - I couldn't remember the exact amount. My Hyundai is less than RM200. So why not. Sony does have impressive quality and capability. At least, it boast good radio reception or so I heard. One fall back about getting a Sony is the MUST install software in order to access it. I heard that file transfer isn't an easy task with it - something to do with having to wait for the program (software) to convert the music file into its desired format before being able to upload it into the player. Not very sure about this. Correct me if I am wrong here kay.

Wowzer, an iPod Nano is also what I wished I could get my hands on - unfortunately my budget does not permit such a luxurious splurge. It would be divine to own one. Betcha wouldn't be dissappointed with it. Just don't forget to show it to all of us when you did get your hands around it okay.

That cutey is currently staying with me at my office. Would just whip it out from the drawer now and then for my own amusement and pleasure. It's too dear to be place outside on my desk - scared someone would nick my precious from me :D

Kleio the Muse said...

You have got expensive taste :D But an iPod Nano does look very tempting. I guess quality does demand a higher price. So, you are a music junkie too - like moi? What sort of music are you into? Care to share? I am currently obsessed with Anime theme songs (OSTs). Can't seem to get enough of it. Bleach's OST is very addictive as well.

Glad you find that cutey dragonfly to be pleasing.

Kleio the Muse said...

Paris Beaverbanks:
Yeah, you should really get one. Then listen to opera music all day long - so divine.

Thanks for welcoming me back dear. Your site's new look looks great. Wish I have the time to tinker with mine too.

Kleio the Muse said...

Hi, it's so good to see you here again.

Hahahaa... so you would rather tot around a radio than a MP3 player? Just a joke. lol. Guess you aren't a music junkie like moi then. Tee hee hehe.

Thanks for your compliments on the little cutey.

stev said...

Glad to hear your experiences with music beside you always =)

For myself though, I can live without music. I have a digital music player as well... which remains in my office drawer unless I somehow really feel like listening to music & someone stole my headset in the office

cute dragonfly. i think i used to have one like that (smaller tho) once upon a time

Kleio the Muse said...

I wish I know how to help you around it. But it is just plain puzzling.

No need to be shy lah. I my opinion you deserved all the credits. You were the first blog I read and followed before I came to know anything about blogs. Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful blogsphere. I had so much fun here and made many interesting aquaintances.

Yeah, I simply adore your dragonfly :D

Kleio the Muse said...

Hope you'll like her :D She's fantastic. Her writtings echo her exact character... this is what I love about her. No pretense. Thanks for visiting her and for dropping by. It's really nice hearing from you.

Kleio the Muse said...

I bet you have galore of gadgets surrounding you. LOL

Maybe music just haven't really affected you yet. Perhaps when time comes with the just the right tune, who knows? You might just get hooked like me ;)

You dig that little bugger too :P Great! Guess it brings back fond memories and nostalgic feeling eh.

Law Tien Soon said...

I'm commuting daily with public transport for work, definitely can't stay without music hehe