Saturday, April 21, 2007

Doodling and the Soul Seek

Thought of sharing these two pieces of my amateurish doodle with all a while back, but didn’t get around to it till today. Both were done on the same evening about a month back when I was silently walloping in what seems like a perpetual glum. I was trying to fill the void in my soul by attempting to do some artwork to ease my rollercoaster like emotion back then by distracting myself with some sketching and doodling when I came up with these two pieces.

Tell me frankly what you all think of it so I may furt
her improve myself. Kinda childish isn’t it... I mean the artworks. I personally like the second attempt better – the bishie. The first one (Farinelli) was kinda rough and I blame it on the wrong size pen I opted for the outlining – the lines are a little too thick and dark. Hence, the unrefined look produced. The scanning result wasn't very kind to the artwork's appeal either - as you should be able to notice here at the unrefined lines produced on the images.

Doodle # 1: Farinelli (Sketch in Pencil)

Doodle # 1: Farinelli (Outlined in Ink)

Doodle # 2: Bishie (Sketch in Pencil)

Doodle # 2: Bishie (Outlined in Ink)

Dear all,

Been missing you all very much. Sorry for being so quiet for the past month and for not visiting you guys/gals much. At times I did dropped by but most of the time, refrained myself from making any comments at all as I don’t really trust myself with words at that period as I felt that I wasn’t in my right state of mind.

This post is my first attempt in returning to the blogsphere once again. And it felt right. I really did miss you all and I am currently trying to catch up on the happenings of each and every blog I came to treasure.

Happy blogging everyone.

PS: I shall also try to finish all those long overdued memes tags I got. Tee hee hee. Sorry people, for the long wait.


stev said...

mmm. the 2nd one does look better worked but i like the 1st one still somehow.

take your time with all that you need to do & we missed you too ;)

Tine said...

Hey, welcome back! :D

PS: Me likey the second picture :p

Kok said...

We all miss you too! Hope everything is alright for you now. Come back to the blogosphere and have fun!:)

You're really good in art. I mean..REALLY GOOD! haha! I personally think the second drawing is well drawn. But one thing is, the hair maciam maggie mee wor. hahaha!

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev: You prefer the 1st one. Hmmmm.... how peculiar.

Thanks for understanding and for not forgetting me already.

Kleio the Muse said...

Tine: Thanks for your welcome and for favouring my drawing.

Kleio the Muse said...

Kok: LOL. Maggie mee. Hahhahaaa... didn't thought of that. You are so humorous. Thanks for the compliment and concern. Miss you too.

Kok said...

It has been quite a long time to see you LOL or hahaha! :P Continue with that cause we want a happy Kleio! haha!

Don't you find it looks like Maggie mee? Or you can look at it the other way round. Fear Factor always have those kind of worms to be poured on top of your head right? Maybe you can imagine that too. hahaha! :P

vhanded said...

Hey! it's me! Welcome back! Next time when you went to such 'vacation', please inform us la, i thought what happen to you....

Bengbeng said...

i am impressed

Firehorse said...

Kleio, come back whenever you feel comfortable, I will always have coffee waiting for you and a seat with your name on it is permanently etched in my kopitiam.
Btw I really love those sketches, I wish I could draw lidat.

Kleio da Muse said...

Kok: Thanks Kok for your understanding and support. Appreciate it.

As for the Maggie Mee hairstyle. Nope. I still stand firm that it isn't so. It happens to be the most fashionable hairstyles for males nowadays *stick-out-tongue*.

Kleio da Muse said...

vhanded: I am happy to be back. Thanks. Sorry bout the wait and the lack of news. I am still trying to catch up on all the blog postings. There's just so many things to read.

Kleio da Muse said...

Beng Beng: You like it :D Thanks. Sorry for not visiting for such a long time. Shall be dropping by soon ;) See ya.

Kleio da Muse said...

Firehorse: Kopi-Soh. I am so glad you drop by. Thanks for the compliments and for the kopi.

I didn't exactly know if I could draw it in the beginning too. Maybe you should just give it a try and pick up the pencil and sketch just like I did. I would love to sketch some potrait next round if I could. Don't know if I actualy have that sort of skill or not. Just a try.. no harm hor.