Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slogan Writing is a Bummer

Slogan writing is a pain-in-the-butt. Really, it drives you nuts most of the time but, at the same time it gets you excited at the notion that you might just be able to pull it off this one time with a sudden flash of brilliance. As the saying goes, “If you have the Will, there is a Way”.

So therefore, I had gotten myself brain drained by this hazardous endeavor lately. All this headache was for the greed of owning one state-of-the-art PC powered by the much hyped world’s best processor at the moment – the ‘Intel Core 2 Duo processor’. It has claimed to be 40% much faster and 40% much more energy efficient than any other of its counterparts. Basically, it was the “Ultimate-All-Geeks-Dream-Hardware” (for your info, I am absolutely not a geek - just in case you might mistook my meaning. Hehehe).

Alright, moving on, more about this contest by Intel coming right up…

The first part, you have got to answer a few no-brainer questions (as usual, answers are already provided or I should say STATED somewhere obvious – in this case it’s in their website). Then comes the real road block…. SURPRISED! SURPRISED! *acting like really astounded* is to complete a slogan in not more than 10 words – this sucks big time right!? Writing a slogan is already an uphill task but, one that is within 10 words? Tsk! tsk! tsk! Don’t you think any slogan would have sounded much better within the frame of say, 20 words?

Personally I think that the 10 words limit should only be reserved for taglines and not slogans. Don’t you think so? I find that the prepositions in the sentence of my slogan already taken up 5-6 words and this will only leave me the same or less amount of words for the important keywords %^$#@*

Now, enough with my lamentations and on with the report of my slogan writing progress. Somehow, I did manage to get the ball rolling. All thanks to my rare-at-times-but-not-zero stroke of brilliance *light bulb blinking on my head luminously* - I decided to turn to my trusty ‘Eveready-Answer-Guru’…. the INTERNET.

I surfed…. and surfed… Googled… and Googled, till I stumbled upon a few nifty websites that offers what they called a Slogan Generator. Tada!!!!! Ever heard of one before?? I for one haven’t until todate.
(here is a sample of one of these slogan generator - Sloganizer).

A wonderful find isn’t it, you asked. Well…. It’s a YES and a NO – ‘cos these so called generators do not exactly dish out slogans that are nicely constructed as I have been hoping for. Most of the time, what it generated are gibberish. But, then again to me, it’s a start – I get inspirations or ideas from these gibble-jabbles. I just need to rephrase it, give it twist of creativity here and there and WOILA!!! An almost perfecto slogan at hand.

Alrighty then, I shall post my slogans right after the closing of this contest ok. (to prevent any possible pilfering you know - however ‘teruk’ my slogans are, I still feel the need to protect my own interest) Then you can all critique at will.

Meanwhile, I shall challenge you to complete this slogan “I want to own a personal computer based on the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor because…………………………………………………” (in no more than 10 words) :P
*cheeky laugh*


stev said...

"I want to own a personal computer based on the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor because... once you have it, you will achieve it!"



sloganizer... interesting

ps. good luck w/ the contest

kleio said...

Thanks for commenting and welcome to my humble abode *serve Nasi Dagang and Teh-O-Ais*

Hmm... your suggestion somehow sounded kinda suggestive of ermm... Especially that part "you will achieve it!" LOL

Yeah, that Sloganizer thingy is damn funny and entertaining. I think i will link it up to my site. Then everyone can have a kick with it. Hahaha

stev said...

*enjoys the nasi dagang & teh-o-ais while sublimely (not really) hinting that he likes cham peng or neslo ais best ;)

nice 2 see the sloganizer is up