Monday, September 04, 2006

The Slurpee Getaway

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I popped into 7-Eleven just now during lunch hour - and you what, I had managed to embarrassed myself in less than 2 seconds being in there. You see, I was feeling kinda childish and young today so I decided to have a Grape Slurpee just for the fun of it.

There I go….. minding my own business, trying not to look too out-of-place while patiently filing up a small size cup with Grape Slurpee. Ahem… luckily I still remembered how to turn the knob (yeah.. it has been a while since I have had a cup of Slurpee – the last time was like, ermmm… during my college days and that was eons ago *blush-blush*).

Once I gotten my cup filled up I decided to go for the plastic-dome-cap. Just about then, a bunch of secondary school kids entered the premise noisily and was hovering around at the counter area. So, I popped the cap on unceremoniously and approached the cash counter with it and started digging my coin purse for some change as quickly as possible – determined to make a fast getaway before I attract any unwanted patronizing stares from this bunch of young-and-happening-kids.

To my mortification, when I glance back at the counter top - my Slurpee was slurping all over, a great amount of it was forcing its way out from the hole on top of that dome-cap - making me look like a complete fool and a greedy cum idiotic woman who was way too old for this stuff anyways.

The thing is, I didn’t know this stuff expands – so I filled my cup full (but, not like mountain kinda full but, just right up to the brim with 1 cm to spare though). Trust me, I wasn’t trying to be greedy or something like that *indignant look*. I swear!

The worst thing was… all this was witnessed by the said bunch of youngster who had also had the cheek to point at my cup of offending flowing juice, while making some remarks to their friends. Ooo… how I wished I could just disappeared into thin air *face turning beetroot-red* And that cashier guy wasn’t much better at sparing me the embarrassment – cos’ he looked stupidly at me and the cup - apparently baffled. I had no choice but to open my mouth to ask him for a plastic bag and made a quick exit.

I have never felt so old and foolish – and this was only over a cup of beverage. Sigh… *sob! sniff-sniff*


Malaysia Property said...

hehe...they don't recognize you also after 1-2hours....don't worry

kleio said...

Malaysia Property:

Selamat Datang! *serve Kuaw-Teow Goreng with Kopi-O panas*

The thing is, I am working in that area and my office is just a few blocks away.

It seems like I will have to hide in my office this few weeks and not go out for lunch. Sigh… instant noodles and oatmeals berturut-turut for a few weeks - can die already :(

Che-Cheh said...

I only visit 7-11 when I want to buy Slurpee. No worry. Slurpee is not for kiddo only.

Kleio the Muse said...


Thks for trying to make me feel better :)

I already started showing my face at that 7-11 again. Hahaha

Btw, thanks for dropping by *grin*