Monday, August 14, 2006

All Paws on Deck!!!

13th August 2006, Sunday


Ahoy there mate! I was washed ashore the ‘Bukit Ekspo’ this morn’ with my four-legged mate ‘Kopi-O’ and ‘Susu’ together with my Momsie, Brosie and BB (my five-year-old son). It was my Brosie’s brilliant idea to set sail for the Pirateland-of-the-Four-Legged-Canines.

Dgth (10).jpg


Yup! Your guess is right! I am babbling about this years’ Dogathon 2006 organized by the Veterinary students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), and sponsored by Pedigree. The event is from 7am-1pm and is held at ‘Bukit Ekspo' in the spacious campus grounds of UPM, Serdang. They even have a theme for it - “Pirates: All Paws on Deck!!” DOGATHON 2006. After some Googling I found out that, last year they had a Cowboy theme. I guess this year’s theme has been pretty much influenced by the current hype-up blockbuster movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”.

I can’t believe that it was already the 10th Dogathon Annivesary (started since 1997) and yet, I have not even been to one until now. What a shame “tsk, tsk, tsk”. I am glad that I agreed to go when my Momsie offered to slot me and my boy in this time. Frankly speaking, I was a little bit reluctant to tag along at first, as I will have to get up goddamn early - at 6.20am on a lazy Sunday too! Have to be there early to avoid the scorching sun my Momsie reasoned – it suck! But, I had to agree on this cos’ I too detest the sun’s damaging effect on my beautiful alabaster skin *cheeky grin*. At first, I was perplexed when she mentioned dogathon – I thought I heard ‘togathon’ or something *chuckle*.

Some info on the event:-

Ok, as I am currently trying not to be too long-winded when I blog – here are some photos taken at this fun event: -

Dgth (13).jpg

Top Clockwise: The Stage of course / Just one of the many Signs with the Piratry Theme / One of the Booth / Ahoy there! Me ship has docked at the Pirateland-of-the-Four-Legged-Canines.

Dgth (6).jpg

Top Clockwise: That Booth again (sorry for the repeated photo) / Pic 2 & 4: A booth by SPCA for Dogs Adoption – there are some cuties waiting for loving master in their cages / Other pooch-related-booths for those shopaholics out there.

Dgth (8).jpg

Left: Babes with picnicking with their as-lovely-as-their-owner pooch.

Right: Actually, I was trying to snap a pic of that cute lil’ old man there – A Schnauzer, I believe. Sorry, I know I didn’t do much of a good job taking this lousy pic – thing is, it kept turning its head left-right, left-right, over and over again. Sigh.

Dgth (11).jpg

An Obstacle-Course for owners to show-off their pooch’s skill and to satisfy their own ego *grin* - no offends, just joking ok!

This was actually, quite fun - ‘Kopi-O’ enjoyed it the most (as you can see from these pics. On the other hand, ‘Susu’ wasn’t very game for this – then again, that’s expected as she is already in the Old-ladies category (she’s a 10-years-old dog). She’s grumpy most of the time nowadays – so, don’t irk her or else you’ll be at the receiving end of a bitch’s wrath. Growl!!!

Dgth (7).jpg

‘Kopi-O’ performing with agility and grace with much courage too – for a young pooch. Sigh! And here is ‘Susu’ being forced coaxed by my Brosie to go up the ramp – poor thing, she was shaky throughout the ordeal.

Dgth (5).jpg

This ‘Kopi-O’ is truly a ‘Cili-Padi’ (hot pepper) – she may by small and all but, she was really daring, as many other poochies were terrified of this ramp. God, it was steep. Kudos to ‘Kopi-O’!

Dgth (4).jpg

Top Clockwise: What’s a cute lil’ thing doing on the ramp? – poor thing, did your master put you up there for his own ego? / ‘Kopi-O’ exploring the Tunnel-of-Love while old ‘Susu’ looks on. / Had to coax ‘Kopi-O’ out from the tunnel as she was intoxicated by love and lost direction *snigger* / Another poochy with it’s owner exploring the course.

Dgth (12).jpg

Top Clockwise: This set-up was for the Master-Hunt event. We had ‘Kopi-O’ tried it out – the first time, she was puzzled as to what we want her to do. After the first run, she was brilliant – completed the hunt in seconds!

Dgth (14).jpg

This event was called the ‘Fastest Eating Duo’ – where the owner and their pooch stuff their faces with food as-quick-as-possible to clinch the title.

Dgth (9).jpg

Awww… ‘Susu’ made a friend - such an adorable lil’ thing too. Looks like ‘Susu’ still has her own charm albeit being an old pooch.

P/S: They were butt-sniffing each other. Euww!

Dgth (17).jpg

Top Clockwise:

Ø BB (my son) pats a cute poochie of his choice. I don’t know what breed it was but, I sure would like one too – feels like squeezing the life out of it – its too cute (Ok, ok! please don’t call the Animal Abuse Hotline – I am just trying to describe how cute and cuddly this little pooch was)

Ø Aik!? This one looks exactly like my ‘Kopi-O’. It was sitting contently on the lap of an old lady throughout the morning.

Ø Wow, very original. A kingly pooch. Aye, yer majesty! (Next time, must convince my Momsie to dress ‘Kopi-O’ as a clown *tee hee hee* and ‘Susu’ can be a princess)

Ø Just another pooch I spotted.

Dgth (19).jpg

Introducing the Cute-Ones – loved the two at the bottom of this pic (clockwise, pic no. 3 & 4) very much.

Dgth (2).jpg

More cuties and some of Susu’s look-alikes (clockwise, pic no. 2 & 4).

Dgth (18).jpg

Aha! The Majestic-Ones. My dream dogs are the two on top

(Golden Retriever/Labrador). The Afghan hound in this pic looks a little weird.

Dgth (3).jpg

A dog with sunshades – Cool man!

Dgth (20).jpg

Top Clockwise:

Ø Oooo… my dream dog again – the Labrador/Golden Retriever.

Ø “This old man, he plays one. He plays knick-knack on my drum…” – the Schnauzer again.

Ø A trio of Alsatian?? Or is it German Shepherd? They gave me and my boy a scare as one of them leap and barked at us for no reason at all, Shessh! (or maybe it was barking at ‘Susu’?).

Ø The Beetles - Oops! sorry, I meant the 'Beagles'. Yeah!!! – love em!

Dgth (1).jpg

Tada!!! – the biggest of em’ all in the pack. The ‘Big-Brother’ in this event. LOL. Don’t they look magnificent?

Saint Bernard is one cool breed – I love em’ too! – at least, I wouldn’t squeeze them to death as easily as the cutes-ones.


End of photography session!!! Hoped you enjoyed it cos’ I really did enjoyed the whole event *grinning eye-to-eye*. Came out of it with a huge urge to squeeze every warm and cuddly thing in my path.

If you are interested to know more about this event you can log on to Dogathon 2006 the official site by UPM. Alternatively, you may also visit a fellow blogger Che-Cheh.


Che-Cheh said...

Kopi-O is very oh my!
Tell Susu that she looks like Snow White.

Thanks for posting your Dogathon picts.

kleio said...

And thank you for dropping by to view them *friendly hand shake*.

Been scouring the net for more Dogathon pics - found Neo's site 'Hot-Screensaver' and some other pics of last year's event.

It's nice to be able to share our feedback and experience on the same subject - it makes everything even more meaningful and special *warm smiles with a little wrinkle at the corner of the eyes*

Gina said...

Wah.. look very professionally runned. And hmmph.. got cute guys or not?

A good place to pick up men as well, I guess. :)

kleio said...

Cute guys hmmmm... I didn't really notice any. But, I am sure there is :P

The thing is, I believe it works better the other way round - the guys with cute doggies tend to attract more girls than girls with cute doggies. Beats me, don't know why hor??

But, I bet if the girl is as cute as her doggy then chances are higher.