Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Huh!?? Where did I leave my Brain?

This morning I literally left my brain at home AGAIN. Yeap, this is not my first time, it’s my don’t-know-how-many gazillion times! Sigh… must be an early sign of Alzheimer disease *wailing in self-pity*.

The Story Goes Like this…

This Morning

Was skipping happily to the office front door this morning in anticipation of indulging the pack of freshly ‘ta pau’ (Cantonese: takeaways) Nasi Lemak I bought from the street opposite my office.

When I reached the front door, I took a look at the tote-bag on my right shoulder and realized my Access Card was not clipped on it as usual. Then, I proceeded to frantically rummage around my handbag (as I vaguely remembered putting the card in it when I pick it up from the floor yesterday after it dropped out from my tote-bag). Several seconds later, (feels more like half an hour) and still no luck, I started to feel stupid standing at the front door like that. Since lady luck does not favor me today, I had no choice but to tap the glass door gracefully for our favourite receptionist to let me in, and I resignedly dutifully signs the Staff Movement Log book at the lobby as a record of my crime.

Later after Breaky

Returning to my humble cubicle upon satiating my condescending appetite in the pantry on that pack of zero-wow-factor Nasi Lemak, to my astonishment, I found that offending Access Card nicely clipped on my tote-bag after all this while! Geezzz! –exasperated by self- What the f&*%$^@k!

Proceeded to DOINK self on the head HARD for being such a silly bitch. Then, unceremoniously POKE self in the eyes for being such a ‘mata-juling’ (Malay: meaning cross-eyed which can also describe a person who is not observant enough).

Later part of the morning, I found the lighter side of today’s lesson and laugh about it alone.

Some Musings on the Incident

Being silly is always a trademark of mine, as my hubby likes to put it. He adores this little imperfection side of me, and yet, at the same time also cursed me for it. Hmph! Talking about contradictory comments, so far no one I know can top him in this catergory :P


Gina said...

Wah.. next time you ta pao nasi lemak, don't forget to ta pao for me!

kleio said...

:) It will be my pleasure. Will also pamper you with "kerang, sotong and rendang ayam"

But, have to keep fingers crossed - pray that the stall wouldn't run out of 'lauk' too early.