Friday, August 04, 2006

The One with a Gecko in it

4th August 2006, Friday

One Crappy Morning

Had I lousy morning today – that stupid filling of my lower bottom left tooth dropped out while I was brushing my teeth. Startled me with a ‘ting’ on the bathroom floor – it was quite a big filing, mind you - hence the alleged sound can be produced. Sigh, there goes my plan to procrastinate till the eleventh hour. Guess this is it. I finally had to meet the sadist dentist. Ouch…

It has been a couple of years since my last visit to a dental clinic – not that I don’t need one though. As we speak, there are already a few cavities lurking around from the last few years – just never gotten around to patch it up – or I never seem to be able to pluck up enough courage to face the inevitable fact that I needed an appointment desperately. Oh just shut-up okay. I know that I am being a Chicken here “Cluck. Cluck” – Hmph! So what! Betcha scared like me too if it’s your turn *stick-out tongue. Blew raspberry*

This time around I am going to the company’s panel dentist around my neighborhood. Hopefully, I’ll come out from in one piece and mentally unmarred. Now… if I could just pluck up enough courage and resolution to make that appointment call. Sigh! I am pathetic ain’t I?

Cheeky Boy turns Barbaric!

This too happens on this same crappy morning!

I heard a loud banging noise downstairs while changing into my work uniform - yup, where I work; there is no freedom in expression of style and personality through fashion. I guess they just want to promote a sense of unity and loyalty plus, the so-called-image thingy.

Oh okay sorry bout’ the distraction, now where was I……… yeah, I heard the loud noise and proceeded to go downstairs into the living room to check, and that’s when I saw my soon-to-be five-year-old boy trying to pocket something urgently with his back to me (apparently, heard me coming down the stairs and trying to hide something from me).

When I ordered asked him to show me what he has in his hand, Cheeky Boy (my son) was startled and looks at me guilty but, still very much reluctant to show me the hidden goods. Only after several times repeating my request firmly, did he unwilling bow to my demand – and showed me that offending object…….... YIKES!!!! –shrieking and jumping around in shock- %$#%& - Had goose-bumps all over when Cheeky Boy held up a DEAD LIZARD dangling it by its tail! Shit!!!. That’s when I go ballistic – shouting for him to throw it away or to put it down (cos’ I didn’t dare to take even one step closer to him to solve the dilemma myself). Cringed – I HATE lizards. Period!

At last I managed to persuade him to put it down on a stool and quickly whisked him off to the bathroom for a throughout clean up from any residual left by that offending icky-yucky thing when he whack it to its death (so now I know what was that banging noise while I was changing upstairs). Oh my gawd, never knew my boy was so barbaric! And all this while I thought he has at least some trepidation when it comes to the creepy crawlies just like me.

Just when I thought the worst was over, I had my final fright of all when I reach out to pick-up that icky-dead-thing with a bunch of tissues – it moved! It damn freaking MOVED!!! My heart nearly jumps out from my throat at that time. Continues with more shrieking until I woke “His-Royal-Crankiness” (my hubby) who grumpily grabs that offending stool with that ‘thing’ on it, and promptly left it at the back of the kitchen.

It’s just not fair… I mean, how can that ‘thing’ still be alive for gods sake! Cheeky Boy has practically beaten it to pulp when I saw it – it was all bruised and reddish in the mid body.

You know what; Cheeky Boy even has the cheek to ask me if he could bring it (the dead lizard) to school with him. Geezz!!! Not in a million years son!

Anyhow, I count my blessing for the early discovery of that lizard incident or else, I cringed to think if Cheeky Boy did manage to put it in his pocket - and it crawling out while we are in the car sending him of to Kindergarten – I would have died there and then :P –shuddered-


Gina said...

Try eating one. I did. And it is not even for USD50k (Fear Factor)LOL.

kleio said...

Yuck! must have been very 'chewy' huh?? U mean the 'bakar' type or the 'sushi-raw' type? LOL.

P/S: Maybe, I might try-out the 'bakar' type one fine day. *rolling on the floor laughing non-stop*