Monday, November 27, 2006

Arghhh..... I am Fumming Mad!!! (Blogger Beta's Theme)

Very frustrated with my Blogger Beta theme now *sulk*. Blogger Beta has got very limited themes available. If only they just let us change the stupid header picture easily - I would be ever grateful.

I know there are many themes/skins for Bloggers from third party out there... but, it's a pity many of it doesn't support Blogger Beta (which is what I am currently using) Sigh... I seriously thought of moving my blog to Wordpress (which has got a cleaner layout - just exactly as I like em’ to be). Except, I just found out that although Wordpress does brilliantly provide the capability of importing your posts and comments from other popular blogsites such as Blogger, MySpace and LiveJournal etc., unfortunately it does not support Blogger Beta’s imports.

Wahh…huahhh..huaaahhhh…. Shit-to-lo-gi liao.

Maybe I will just have to create a new blog at Wordpress, leaving behind all my previous posts and comments – I don’t see any other alternatives to this. Unless, unless, some good soul could point me to the right direction or better still, a third party source for lovely themes catering for Blogger Beta also.

P/S: Gina (an old fren of mine), I know you are going to be laughing at me right now… but don’t, cause I am seriously pissed.


stev said...

hmm. i kinda like how blogger beta looks tho.

havent moved myself coz might affect the current scripts i'm using (and a little lazy i guess). plus learnt the hard way previously not to fix things that arent broken...

still wordpress also has limited graphical header capabilities. but changing the header etc should be quite doable & not too hard. let me know if you need any how-do-i advice =)

or you can get "professional template designers" to design one for you

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev ~~ Using "Professional Template Designer"? LOL - it's way too much. Not to mention, too expensive for my current financial capability.

Yeah, I know Wordpress does not let you edit their template unless you pay to upgrade their services. But, they do offer one FOC clean and clear, no-nonsense template layout that I like - plus, the header's pix is changeable :D

Another thing I like about Wordpress is that we could add pages on our blog - like tab. Very cool idea.

I do need your help :D - by any chance you might know how to edit the header in Blogger Beta :D ???
I would be ever grateful if you can help me on this one :)

Gina said...

Sorry. Can't help you much. You know how competent I am when it comes to this.. ahhaha!

stev said...

keke. well 'professional' here is in quotes. some bloggers do help out with designs and sometimes for free or a nominal fee (esp in the states)

lots of nice free ones still tho but u gotta keep looking

hmm. if its like ye old blogger, one would just need to update the header graphic. and after that put in the html graphics tags. if you are html-phobic, you can always email me the pics and your 'template' html code & i'll let you know how to put it up =)

(will check with my friend arc whos on blogger beta whether there are any changes...)

Kleio the Muse said...

Gina ~~ I already know that. Ahahaha... So you are excused :D

And thanks for not rubbing it in ya *wink*

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev ~~ Thanks a lot for the tips and your offered help. But, I still haven't found one header pix which I like.

Really appreciate your effort to help - really do :)

Meanwhile, I shall be hunting up for pretty header pixs :D

Anonymous said...

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