Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Souvenirs from Abroad & Wormy Cravings

Yay! Gotten a handful of souvenirs from my mummy dearest - Chiangmai souvenirs :D

Mom went to Chiangmai last week for a whole week with her boyfriend. She just got back this Monday night. “The weather’s hot,” she said. Poor thing, she looked half dead when I saw her yesterday night. “It’s a very, very, tiring trip,” she adds.

They followed the travel agency’s schedule for the first 2 days and then, skip em’ for their own free and easy traveling for the rest of the days – Smart thinking, I’ll say.

They went for some tribe visiting, elephant sanctuary and blah, blah, blah, blah…

These are some of the souvenirs from her to yours truly :D ….

Actually, there is also one pretty little black T-Shirt with gold stamping and hand-sewn golden beads but, I didn’t get the chance to photograph it yet. Sorry.

Last but not least… yes, one handmade key-chain thrown in as souvenir as well – and yes, key-chain is a must and the norm you get from frens/relatives from their trips. Irregardless of how much you hate em’ *cheeky grin* - frankly, I don’t hate em’ at all, or mind getting any of it though. As the saying goes, “Anything is Always Better than Nothing”, right? Plus, it’s the thoughts that counts :D So, keep em’ souvenirs coming ya *wink*.

Drum roll…..

Ahem… there is this one little souvenir I very much wanted to get but never did, but arhh… it’s kinda weird.

You see, I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food :P - I am also very curious about worldwide local delicacies – therefore, I have always, yes always, wanted to try those deep fried creepy-crawlies such as worms, scorpions, bugs and such, and don’t forget those gargantuan hairy spiders as well. Weird, I know.

Unfortunately, my mom didn’t try to smuggle some back home to tease my taste buds :( But, I did vaguely recalled hinting her to get me some though *sulk*. She told me she did tried one Deep Fried Wood Worm – and found it to be very bland. Hmmm…. Maybe it should be taken with some sauce perhaps? Sambal belacan worms, anyone for the takings? LOL


stev said...

that spices thing looks cute

oh i dont mind keychains at all for gifts... i think i have a collection by now. hehehe...

scorption + beer = yummy :D

agrees that usually not following a tightly scheduled tour package is best =)

Gina said...

I think no matter what, you will need to go there and try it yourself. Eating bugs on the pavement, people looking at us amused and the bustling market sounds on the background - priceless.

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev ~~ Yeah, i love it :D - it's now displayed in my office cubicle (ahahhh, now you know i work in a cubicle and not a room) :P

Keychains, I have a load of em' too but, I don't keep them, I make good use of em'

scorption + beer? sounds yummy. But, did you really tried it *sounding suspicious*

It is always a good choice to opt for some free and easy time when you travel - just follow the travel agent for 1 or 2 days then ditch them for good.

Gina ~~ you get some 4 me lah - next time you travel :P

Ah... priceless indeed.

Che-Cheh said...

When I was in Bangkok, the creepy-crawlies trader add salt to the worms/grasshoppers, etc so that it won't taste so bland.

Kleio the Muse said...

Che-Cheh ~~ oic, so that was the trick :)

*serves worm-pie* - bon appetit... my grandma loves em' *wink*