Thursday, November 30, 2006

Protein Enriched Coffee

There is just so wide range of coffee in the market nowadays…. We are all literary spoilt by choices.

Lately there’s also vitamin/mineral enriched instant coffee in the market. Let’s see, there’s the calcium enriched coffee, ginseng coffee, ginger & honey coffee etc… etc… and the list goes on.

Anyhow, I think it’s all just a gimmick – how can coffee give you additional calcium boast in your body? When it is supposed to work against it, as coffee is known to decrease your body’s ability to absorb calcium – it sorta flush the calcium out of our body. Hmmm… so, go figure.

And today, I am going to introduce you to my new range of coffee – Tada! Meet my “Kleio’s High Protein Coffee”.

Dying for a sip?

The Secret Ingredients:
• One teaspoonful of instant coffee powder
• Two teaspoonful of Coffeemate
• Two teaspoonful of condensed milk
• Steaming hot water
• One miniscule ant (added for that extra boast of protein) - but, the size and type of ant is entirely up to your own preference ya *wink*


Ginger said...

Wah lao!!! I thought wat protein.. if I can find some creepy crawlies, I will be more than glad to hand some to you for your daily protein intake.

Sam said...

eeeeewwww gross lol

i have a tarantula at home. do you want it for your protein drink? lol

Che-Cheh said...

LOL you got me there! :P

Kleio the Muse said...

Ginger ~~ LOL. Actually, I found that little ant floating in my morning coffee yesterday. Then I thought of that Calcium enriched nescafe thingy and came up with this suddenly - thought it would be fun to post it here. Ahahaha

Psstt.. my hubby once had a live lizard in his leftover coffee. Yuck - and he threw the mug away. lol.

Sam ~~ Hi, welcome :D *serves steamed blended worm-pie with chopped chillies - chinese style* 5-stars yum factor :P

Are you sure, you wouldn't miss lil'hairy feet later on?? Alright then, bring him on *malevolent grin*.

Che-Cheh ~~ Thks. But, that's the point :D Gotha! LOL

stev said...

just one ant?

ceh! :P