Monday, November 06, 2006

Chef for the Day ( In-house Pizza Pancakes )

5th November 2006, Sunday

Sunday is a day for some quality family time. So, I decided to be the Chef-of-Honour for the day.

Introducing my specialty… Pizza Pancakes!

Dried Prawns (about one handful, or less)
Crab Meat Stick (5 sticks)
Ayamas Garlic Sausage (1 stick)
Chicken Egg (2 pcs)
Flour (sorry, I don’t know the measurement. As I go by my own judgment)
Butter (for the frying the pancakes)
Salt (to taste)
Sugar (to taste)
Soya Sauce (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)

The Batter
Put some flour into a pot/large mixing bowl and pour some water in it. Proceed to mix it up… thoroughly. Then crack two eggs into it and do more mixing. Try to get the mixture as smooth as possible, please. As for the consistency, I’ll just have to leave it to your own judgment. Oh yes, add in some salt, soya sauce, sugar (just a tea spoon or less as we are making salty pancakes not the sweet type) and a dash of pepper to taste.

The Extra Stuffs to be added into the Batter for that Extra Ohmmps!
Dice the soaked dry prawns and stir fried it until it turn into a yummy golden brown (see pix below).

Slice the Crab Meat and Sausage (as per pix below ok). You might want to make sure you slice it thin enough – cos’ it might not stick well in the pancakes when you fry it. Unless, you make the batter extra thick to support it – then, it will take ages to cook. Hahaha… I like my pancakes thin and crispy. Yum!

See pixs below (clockwise please):
The first top row of the four (4) pix is one of my first attempts for test run. Didn’t turn out well enough for my standard. Taste still not up to par (too bland), size is totally out (too small to be tantalizing due to the batter being too thick to be spread out any larger), wrong technique in adding the Extra Stuffs for Ommphs (I actually tried to stick em’ all on like pizza toppings after I pour the batter on the pan. Wrong move, cause the batter gets cooked and dried almost instantly before I even got the chance to lay em’ all on).

The remedy…
On second attempt, I pour the Extra Stuffs for Ommphs into my Batter at the advice of my “Kitchen-Goddess-Grandmama”. The end result was pretty good (see the large pix in the center and the other two small ones on the right hand side of it). How come I didn’t think of it in the first place? Sometimes, we tend to over complicate things in life hor.

Just for laugh....

As I was a little bit bored in the kitchen, all alone, dishing out one pancake at a time… albeit lovingly so. I decided then to have some fun while doing it hence, I did the “Frying Pan & Turner Dance”. Whoa... did I have fun. It was loads of fun actually *grin*. Hell, it was waaaaay…. too much fun that I had to video myself doing the moves.

Here’s my video clip. LOL.

Here’s my end results:

Oh yeah! don’t forget to use lotsa butter to fry your pancakes. Plus, it does goes well with Thai Cili Sos. YUM! Five stars. Hahaha….

Not bad.... not bad at all. I was actually given thumbs-up by Little Boy, Kitchen-Goddess-Grandmama and Stud-ly Bro you know. So, I am pretty smug about this now *grin*.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this, cos’ I know I am not a very good cook and I am even suck writting about it.

Extra Bits:

Poor Kopi-O & Susu didn’t get their cut on my yummylicious pancakes. Muahahahahaha….. *mother-of-all evil grin*


stev said...


the dance was funny
an extra 15 seconds or so would make it even better tho :P

anything that tastes good with thai chili sauce is bound to taste good. mmm...

Che-Cheh said...

Ohhh I must try this recipe one day. Hehehe looks yummy.

Aiyo poor Susu. sob sob...She looks like a poodle now. :P

No chance too see the clip yet. I can't download Flash 8 in the office.

Kleio the Muse said...

Actually, the dance was longer when I first uploaded it :D - then I got cold feet and decided to clip certain part where I shake my booty :P to tone it down for the sake of the public.

Thai chili sauce rocks!

Do not fear, i do believe her fur shall regrow to its ealier glory.

Are you sure she look like a poodle... to me she look like 'Lat-Lei-Tou' :(

Gina said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Do you have to cover your face with the pan?

Kleio the Muse said...

Of course i had to - I am supposed to be blogging anonymous - remember.

Glad u had a good laugh. I surprised at myself for posting it up actually.

Kok said...

You're real funny lah! hahahaha! And you're talented in quite a lot of things after I read this post. Cooking, blogging, video editting and acting like a clown! :D

Kleio the Muse said...

So now you know me as a CLOWN :(
There goes my reputation liao.
Aiyah, where got talent lah.. everything also 'Half-a-Pail-of-Water' one. LOL.