Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Urgh! Sticky Fingers

Typed this during lunch today and it's raining like cats n dogs out there. Yeah, I sorta skipped my lunch - due to the heavy breakfast I had this morn. So, don't worry, I am not on a diet ya. Will never go on a diet. I still love eating (especially junk food) too much to ever forgone this heavenly indulges and joy of being a human being.

Ok. Back to my topic.

I was busily writting away (boringly logging some documents) this morning in the office when I suddenly felt something sticky and slick between my left fingers. The first thought that crossed my mind before I look was, "Eweeewww... who's slime was that?."

And this is what I saw................................................................


Yiiiiiii.... it's on my chair too.

This is where I gotten the slick from.

And this is the Culprit - A retractable blue gel pen.

All this freaking happened due to one small little negligence on my part i.e. I forgotten to re-tract its head... ahem, sorry, I meant its eye after using it.

So, Lesson # 1 - Never leave your pen uncap or drawn-out when
not in use - It's one messy affair if you did.

Lesson # 2 - Do not attempt to touch your face with your hands at anytime of the day (except when you are washing of course) - or you might just end up being in the centre-of-attention - in today's scenario especially :D

I was lucky... or I should I say, I am pretty smart for adopting the No-Touching-Face policy at all times. Cos’ our hands are so full of germs and dirt most of the time, it might even the dirtiest part of our body.

After some vigorous washing, I still can’t get rid of the mess.
Sigh… luckily I am not going anywhere posh or something like it after work :P


Che-Cheh said...

Aiyooo yuckkk!!!

Better luck next time.:P

Gina said...

If I were you, probably my face would be all blue liao. Have the habit of touching my face all the time!

stev said...

it's a Pilot G2

hehehe. does are the pens i use almost always. i like the smoothness in writing usually & it doesnt run out super fast like some crappy pens. plus it looks quite presetable too.

but yeah leakages do happen once a while... interesting idea to document your smear online tho :P

Kleio the Muse said...

Che-Cheh ~~ I am considered very lucky this time around. LOL.

There's this one time, where I accidentaly blacked both my eyes due to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes with my hands and it smudged my eyeliner everywhere.

What's worst is that, it a freaking waterproof eyeliner!!! I had a tough time trying to remove the damage. LOL.

Gina ~~ then, you would have something to blog about. Hahahahaaa

Stev ~~ That's exactly why I choose this pen - yes, it is a smooth operator :D

Yeah, i kinda found impromtu stuff like tat interesting :P - plus, I found a new way to make good use my camera mobile phone. Yay!

I know the resolution sucks but, it's a start.