Thursday, December 21, 2006

Have yourself a Merry Lil' Christmas

Saw this cute little Snowman Snowglobe last 2 weeks back at a local shopping mall.

I have always wanted a snowglobe of my own since young, but never gotten one before. I just don't see the point of purchasing one for myself - it would be meaningless. I feel that it needs to come from someone dear, like family, a lover or even a dear friend to complete the special-ness of owning a snowglobe.

My fascination was once again perked when I saw this cute snowglobe and I couldn't help myself and hence made the purchase immediately. But this one's for my son - I thought of him as soon as I saw it. At least now he has his first snowglobe – one with special meaning and filled with a mother’s love for her child.

As to why I didn’t buy one for myself? Yes, I still feels strongly that snowglobes should be a gift from somebody else and not collected on our own - Weird sentiments? I know.

I am still waiting for my very own Snow Globe :D

I figured since I love snowglobe so much, I should at least learn more about it. So, I did some light research on it just know. Here’s what I found:-

( This Santa Clause Snowglobe is amazing eh? It looks so magical.
Found this amazing pix just now. Will be setting it as my wallpaper for this Yuletide season ;D )

The first snowglobes are said to have come from France in the eary 1800's. Many believe following in the footsteps of the paperweight. The earliest known snowglobes were made of glass and were part of Victorian upper class lifestyles in the 1870's. Made popular by those who had a love of such eclectic decor. As early as 1879 five manufacturers were shipping them all over Europe.

In the 1940's, snowglobes were used for advertising by many companies. They also became popular religious gifts for children. The snow inside sometimes gold glitter or even soap chips. Now days, the glass is thinner, and oftentimes, plastic is used for the globe, while the "snow" is actually small pieces of plastic. The water inside is a mix of water and glycerin. They abound in all shapes and sizes, especially during the holiday season. Plastic domes made their mark in the 1950's.

Today's snowglobe ranges from very ornate, musical, or mechanical and lighted, to simple plastic domes. Some even are battery powered so one doesn't have to shake it to see the snow whirl around inside the globe. Then there are the many found on webpages abounding the internet. It really doesn't matter where it came from, be it a tourist stop, the finest store, a graphics program, or a garage sale find.....snowglobes have a magic all their own, wonderously transforming the everyday into a miniscule world of swirling flakes falling, as the wonder of snowfall and winter's hush surround us.

Found a simple poem on Christmas to share with all too…

I love winter! Winter is cold.
It's Christmas with sleds.

It's warm snuggly beds.
It's silver snowflakes.

It's skating on lakes.

It's snowmen that stand In a snowy white land.
It's bluejays that feed
On sunflower seed.
It's angels that pose
In wintertime clothes.
It's a polka-dot sky.

It's winter. That's why.......
I love winter.

Merry Christmas everyone, and don’t forget the spirit of sharing – spread the joy and happiness far and wide ya! Remember we don’t need special days to do so ok.

P/S: Actually I wanted to embed a media player here to play the song, "Frosty the Snowman" on this post - it was one of my favorite Christmas song. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge on html proven to be a major set-back :( Anyhow, I shall still continue my further exploration on it *wink* I shall hold dear to the notion that no one's too old to learn.


Che-Cheh said...

Ahh I never have one before too. Perhaps I'm waiting for someone special to give it to me.

Have A Jolly Christmas!

ky said...

Hi! Merry Christmas! Now I know what to get you on your birthday and christmas!

Kleio said...

Che-Cheh ~~ :) Guess we both shares the same sentiments on this :P

May your first snowglobe comes from a person you care for and whom also cares for you very much.

Have Joyful X'mas my dear.

Kleio said...

ky ~~ Ah!? u mean a snowglobe for every birthdays and christmases? *pengsan* Joking only. Ahahaa. Thanks for your thoughfullness. Just the thought is enough already ok ;)

Have a happy holiday! Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you.

bengbeng said...

go and hug somebody special this christmas..spread love and cheer :)

stev said...

i like snowglobes too :)

whimsical & not much use except to shake but very nice to have nonetheless

hope u get one soon!

Kleio said...

BengBeng ~~ Hi again ;D Hugging, nice way to spread the cheer around :D

Been doing that a lot to my loved ones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Happy hugging!

Stev ~~ U do? Great! Thanks and you have a Merry Christmas too ok. And a Happy New Year.