Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Tango 'Asunto Del Amor'

This is my RM40 ticket :D - worth every pennies

Wooo hoo…. This show was absolutely mind-blowing (see my previous blog on it). Whew! It was hot, hot, hot I tell you. It was and affair to remember for a lifetime. Hence, I gave this post a Spanish title, A Tango Asunto Del Amor (Asunto Del Amour means Love Affair in Spanish)

Despite having to literally wrestle our way through the horrendous traffic jam all thanks to the heavy downpour. And poor me having to tahan (bear) with my mom’s constant complains on other rude and inconsiderate ways of other fellow drivers as though it could have make things any better by gesticulating wildly while admonishing these fools harshly - in the end, it’s only me who had to suffer for other people's stupidity. Sigh…. I was like thinking loudly to myself, “Duh… could we just focus on where we are going please, we’ve made a few wrong turnings already” – I want to pengsan liao (faint).

Irregardless, me and my mom made it just on time… ok ok… we were just a wee bit late – we arrived at 8.10pm and the show is supposed to start at 8.00pm sharp and the audiences are expected to be seated by 7.45pm. Fat-chance with that downpour – and I was right! The show didn’t start till about 8.45pm, having to wait for the auditorium to fill up with wet and disgruntled audiences (Ahahahaa… that’s just my gist anyway).

As this show was also jointly organized by The Embassy of Uruguay, there were quite a number of foreigners amongs
t us – almost half of the auditorium. This show was a total sell-out it seems – the whole auditorium was fully packed.

The Performance

Ms. Laura Legazcue was a joy and pleasure to watch. The crowd was absolutely enthralled by her mastery in tango. She was a natural, a true born dancer. She had successfully put a charm on all of
us and etched the beauty of Tango in our hearts forever.

I love all her six (6) tango dances including the soul stirring tango music – I found my heart dancing to the tunes of these mind evoking music.

Ms. Laura dances with so much passion, vigor and skill. We were simply in awe of her and her partner’s skill in synchronizing their moves to the music with perfect precision and unison. They both were like two souls entwined in one body.

I bet Ms. Laura is ‘Plastic-Woman’ in disguise cos’ she has got such a supple body especially her legs were so flexible that’s it was quite scary. It was like she has no bones in her legs. Yikes! – LOL. Sorry, I can’t help myself from injecting some humour in all this. Ahahaaaa…

Below is the programme of that night:-


Pata Ancha. (Facing with courage) – Tango by Mario De Marco (the music)
La Puñalada. (The stab wound) – Tango by Pintin Castellanos (the music)
San Telmo. – Tango by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (the music)
Melacólico (Melancholic) – Tango by Julián Plaza (the music)
La Comparsita. – Tango by Gerardo Matos Rodríquez (the music)
Mala Junta. (Bad company) – Tango by Julio De Caro (the music)

There are also performances by SGM Galaxy Chamber Orchestra and SGM Renaissance Choir in between the Tango performances. They were all quite good actually.

The Conclusion

I ended up with two very red and sore hands from clapping too enthusiastically – non-stop. LOL.

I was so pleased when the dancers obliged to the crowd’s mad calls for encores – the commotion was like we were in a singing concert. Aiyoh, very malu-lah (embarrassing). Please be informed that I was in no way involved in that noisy encore calls ok. But, I was grateful however *grin*.

Overall, it was a memorable experience. As I said earlier, it was my one-evening-love-affair with Tango.


Che-Cheh said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I've never been to this kind of event. Hmmm maybe I must try it someday.

Gina said...

Plastic legs? Hahahahahah! You just made Ms Laura sounds like Plastic woman.

Kleio said...

Che-cheh ~~ Thanks :D and you should absolutely give it a try. It's priceless experience.

Gina ~~ Her legs are fantastic. And well… she could be Plastic-Woman for all you know.

P/S: I actually wanted to use the term "Rubber-Woman" but then again I thought it might promote unwanted dirty thinking by dirty-minded ppl. LOL

stev said...

rubber woman... not much wrong than plastic anyway :P

anyways glad you had fun & that it was a splendid evening of dance

Bengbeng said...

wow...wish i had the chance to see it :(

u took any vids?

Kleio said...

Stev ~~ Yalor, was inspired by Plastic Man of Fantastic Four mah :D - but I still wonder why they don't call him Rubber Man instead :P

Thanks - it was a splendid evening indeed despite the earlier incidents i.e. the heavy rain, traffic jams and mom's nagging.

Bengbeng ~~ Welcome to my humble blog *serves Kopi-peng kau & Roti Kaya homemade style*

:( wished I could take some visuals back as rememberance but, we aren't allowed to do so - not even allowed to take any photographs. That explains why there aren't any on this post.

But, you can visit Ms Laura Legazcue's website @ http://www.lauralegazcue.com/ - there's quite a number of vids there. Ogle all you want mate. LOL.

Thanks for visiting ;)