Thursday, December 28, 2006

Heading for the Torture Chamber

Tomorrow I am finally going for that long overdue Dentist appointment. Yeah, it has been postponed for like 5 months now *Grinning sheepishly* What to do, I have got no nerves when it comes to dentist visits.

I think that hole (the one I mentioned in earlier on my blog about the filling dropping out while I was brushing my teeth) is getting worst. Ouch! I now noticed several more cavities as the days months goes by… yeah, serves me right you say – for being such a chicken. Cluck cluck cluck!

That large cavity has been such a nuisance – food getting into it (yucky, I know but I always gargle after food. Humph!), trying to avoid chewing on my left side (where the cavity is), wincing each time anything cold or hot or sweet passed through my mouth. Really do not know how I managed to live with all this for such a long time. I am such a laugh right? I can live with the pain and trouble of not having it patched but, can’t survive a simple visit to the dentist. LOL. I am such a wimp! Luckily I am female, which makes it my right actually to be so wimpy and yet not be too embarrassed by it. Hahahaha…

The thought of that syringe and drill (the murder tools) already gives me the goose-bumps. I am crossing my fingers that I might come out from the torture chamber in one piece – in body and mind. Wish me luck people!

Mental state: Very anxious and borderline neurotic. My mind kept singing the song “I am going to the gallows, I am going to the gallows. Oh save me, oh save me from the gallows…”.


stev said...

Go visit your dentist ASAP!

Hope everything goes well & that you are in 101% condition by new year :)

Gina said...

Hahaha... let's hope the cavity is not THAT big, till the dentist also can't save it...

Che-Cheh said...

Hope everything went well.
Tell ya a secret. I HATE dentist too. I haven't been to dentist for like 2 years already..hahaha

You can try using Sensodyne really can reduce pain for sensitive tooth.

Take care and Happy New Year!!!

Law Tien Soon said...

I'm sure your goose-bumps dental appointment is done by now. How the visit goes? Everything fine?

I hate dentist forever and ever. I can never persuade myself that dental visit is a good thing haha. Last time when I was in primary and secondary education, it was nightmare to attend the annual dental check in school.

Kleio said...

Stev ~~ Thanks for the well wishes. Yup, finally went on Friday morning 29th Dec 2006 and gotten that nuisance dealt with. Whew! As you can see, I got back in one piece. LOL

Gina ~~ Actually it’s huge, fortunately this wonder dentist didn’t mind patching it up for me. Last time, I went to another very snobbish dentist and she had flat out rejected the idea of patching this same particular hole for me. Instead she kept pushing me to do a root canal – hated her for her rude manner and pushiness so, I blacklisted her liao.

Che-Cheh ~~ Yeah, I survived ;) – came back a happier and more confident person. LOL

I didn’t have any tooth sensitivity prob – just some cavities prob, that’s all ;) Used Sensodyne toothpaste before... but, dislike the texture and flavor. Still prefer toothpaste with strong minty taste.

Law ~~ Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. *Serves Ice Lemon Tea with Homemade Pancakes*

Yes! It’s finally over with – but, I can still hear the bone weakening drilling in my head. It wasn’t pleasant but, I am glad I gotten it over with finally. Yay yay! *Tap-dancing*