Friday, December 01, 2006

Hair Woes

Going for a haircut tomorrow with a gal pal.

Finally getting rid of my lifeless hairstyle - it's natural black, very long - reaches my waist in fact, limped and dry looking. Ahem, with splits ends as well. So, it's about time for an updated look.

What do you think of the hairstyle below?

(This picture is just a sample of how the hairstyle looks like. It is not a picture of me ok)

I think it looks fresh and young - just what I needed - as I know I am not getting any younger. Plus, it looks like low maintainance kinda hairstyle :D Yeah, I pretty lazy in styling and caring for my hair. Hehehehe... I guess I just ain't the regular type of gal.

The main reason I am desperate for a new haircut is that, my hair has been shedding like cat's fur for quite sometime now. And I noticed it's kind of thinning in the front portion. I figured a shorter hairstyle would help to lessen the gravitational pull. LOL.

I will miss my long long hair though. Sniff. I do hope this new style wouldn't suck.


ky said...

Your hair looks fine to me.

Pretty girl - any hair style also boleh one. hehehe.

stev said...

i think it would look nice

make sure to do it at a good place tho =)

Kleio the Muse said...

ky ~~ *Grin* Thanks *blush* Ahhehee...

Stev ~~ Yeah, been scouting out hairsalons and listening to other's reviews.