Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Argh… My Head is Gonna Explode Soon!


Having one major headache right now, this moment. Must be a case of caffeine withdrawal symptom. Aiyayayayayaya… my brain feels like one raw piece of throbbing nerves right now.

This is my first day attempt to drop caffeine off my diet. Not that I haven’t tried it before. I had (many times), and I failed. So, I am reattempting again as of today. I really really got to ditch coffee for good (if I could), or at least cut down the daily intake.

Why the resolution to do it today?

That’s because I have been suffering from gastric pain for the past few weeks. If that is what the pain is about. Not too sure here. Cos’ the pain is a real killer kind – where it makes you feel like curling up and stay in bed for good. Sometimes I even feel like someone shot me with a shotgun which penetrates way to my back bone. Sure hope it’s not some other malicious disease *keeps fingers crossed tight tight*.

There’s actually another desperate reason which further amplifies and strengthen this resolution of mine… to fulfill my long time wish to conceive a second child. This has been long overdue. My son is already 5 years old and yet still no good news. Dearest hubby is getting impatient already – me too! I am so tired of false alarms.

Sigh… hope I will be successful this round. Oh… the headache #@!&%


cc said...

All the best to you! My mum was addicted to caffeine as well, and it took her quite some time to cut down on the coffee intake. Hope you can get pass the discomfort and ditch it for good!

Good luck to your second wish too! :)

Che-Cheh said...

Wow you're a true caffeine addict!

Don't worry I believe you can kiss goodbye to coffee totally...just do it slow and steady. You body might not accept the sudden changes ma.

How you 'kena' gastric? skipping meals? :P

I hope you can fulfill your long time wish real soon. :) Take care.

anigma said...

Yes... refrain from coffee.. breathe... in... breathe... out....

Kleio said...

cc ~ Thank for the much need encouragement and support ;) I am quite proud of myself now, as today's my 3rd day into a caffeine free day. Yahoo! Looks like I am progressing quite well. Lets hope that terrible headache doesn't come back and haunt me, then I am ok.

Kleio said...

Cheh-che ~ I am an addict of caffeine. Been drinking it since I was just a toddler... to wean me off milk they say *shrugs* don't know why the rush.

I am glad that splitting headache didn't reoccur on the second day. Whew!

Yeah, quite true hor - my body's reacting like a drug addict. lol

I don't skip meals my dear, I believe the gastric is due to my continuous intake of caffeine. Cos' it gets worst each time I take coffee. Sigh...

Thanks for your support and concern. Really appreciates it :)

Kleio said...

Anigma ~ Thank you so much for being there when I needed you most. You are a gem.

I was like battling with the devil on my first day of caffeine boycotting - if not for you being there and encouraging me, I would have given in easily. Oh, I am such a weakling when it comes to coffee... the love of my life!

Kok said...

I have a colleague (from my industrial training place) who drinks about 5 or 6 cups of those instant coffee a day! That's what we called the real caffeine addict!:P Anyway, I hope you will be successful in your caffeine drop and also hope your headache and gastric will stay far far away from you.

As for your second wish, again, all the best to you. Who knows the second child is on the way soon?:)

Get well soon!

stev said...

was going to scold you for dropping caffiene off your diet :P

but then i guess its all for a good cause :)

good luck with #2

Kleio said...

Kok:  I would loved to be able to guzzle coffee like your mate do *envious* It just not fair... to have to give up my most favorite drink.

Seems like ditching caffeine really helped on reducing the gatric occurences. Well, today is the fourth day I am caffeine free. But, there's still time to tell. Whew.

Thanks for your well wishes :D

Kleio said...

Stev:  Hahaha... I know you are a strong supporter of coffee too right. But, give me a chance lor... it's for health and reproduction's sake mah :P

RyeUrn said...

try taking some proton-pump inhibitors (ask your doctor about them)

after about a 2-week course should take care of your gastric pain

and yes, stay off coffee:)

Kleio said...

Ryeurn: Thanks for the tips. Will try it out if the condition still persist. Now it seems to have improved somewhat.