Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Plurk Me If You Want

I am tearing down my Twitter corner (it's located on the right side panel of my blog. You would not be able to see it by now cos I am replacing right this moment as we speak) to make way for Plurk. Cos, I've just found out it was kinda addictive and easy to use than Twitter. More interactions between friends.

With Plurk, you could share your thoughts anytime anywhere and also keep up with what your friend's updates. In a way it's just like what Twitter does, but seems like Plurk has better control over the interaction feature. Makes it an ease to send messages to your friends on their updates and vice versa. I am still very much a newbie on Plurk but I shall remedy that soon.

If you like, you are all welcome to Plurk me :D


kok said...

How did you locate me? hehehe! Great to see you in plurk!*hugs*

Kleio the Muse said...

Thanks Kok for adding me. (hugs)