Monday, June 04, 2007

Pachelbel's Canon in D Variations

A collection of Pachelbel's Canon in D variations. Hope you would all enjoy it as much as I do. Frankly speaking, some of it blew me away ;) Didn't know Canon could have so much of attitude in it... just listen to the Canon Grooves, Canon Techno, Canon Rock and so many others listed here.

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I do. I AM a crazed Pachelbel's Canon fan. Hooyah!

Oh yea, do check out this site/blog, Tribute to Pachelbel. There are many different versions of Canon arrangements listed here.

Current Mood: Joyful and Thankful

Current Distractions: Of late, I've been busy hopping around my IMEEM & DEVIANT ART playground.

Other Musings: How many sites does a gal gotta have? I've quite lost count of mine :P No wonder I am so distracted at times. Ahahahaha. Dunno what got into me that I've gotten myself a FRIENDSTER account too. Yeesh!!! Actually someone invited me to be a member, and I kind of follow the lead... one thing leads to the next and lot behold another site to care for :P I am still not sure if I am gonna be maintaining it tho.


FireHorse said...

Gotta wait for my son to come back to listen to this, he loves Canon in D.

Kleio the Muse said...


I am glad to hear that. People who enjoys music has much passion and empathy in them. Does your Fatty Boy plays any musical instruments? How about you? Do you like Pachelbel's Canon?

Mikeymike said...

Audio books... I am a long time audio booker...

love The Canon! :)

Fatty Boy (Firehorse's son) said...

Hi Miss Kleio,

This is Fatty Boy, my mom is Firehorse, like you I love Pachelbel Canon very much. I play the viola but my mom doesn't play any instrument altho she loves music.

stev said...

mmm. nice to see you on deviantart & friendster. let me know if you're maintaining friendster & i'll add you alrite. (i login only like once a month i think :P)

the canons are actually pretty good listening...

Kleio the Muse said...

Glad you love the music. I can never grow tired of this piece of music.

You listen to audiobooks too. I can’t afford to purchase current audio books (due to the interest of protecting my identity, I can’t have a PayPal account linking my real name behind it. Bummer *pout*) hence, I have to content myself with classical ones. It’s freely available online. Oscar Wilde rocks! No regrets.

Fatty Boy:
Well hello there :D
Nice to see you here. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I do. Wow, you played viola… that’s great. Being able to express oneself through music is truly priceless… something I fervently wished I could do. Singing is out of my league too *pout*. As well as dancing *roll eyes*. Sigh… looks like I’ll just have to content myself with others musical expressions. To be able to listen to music is already a great blessing ;)

I am curious as to what sort of music Kopi-Soh enjoys.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting dear. Will welcome you anytime.

LOL. My art at Deviantart was a laughable feat. Just wanna join in the fun tho. Maybe looking at other ppl’s work would elevate my measly skill.

Not very sure if I could maintain Friendster decently enough with so many other sites to attend to. Tho I wouldn’t mind if you would add me. It would be great.

Canon’s fascinating!

ShadowDawn said...

I have always been a huge Canon fan, and listened to it over millions of times in the past few years. I was very impressed with your collection, and was wondering if there was I way I could download them, or you could send them to me. Thank you.