Friday, November 09, 2007

Typical Work Day

Decided to doodle a bit yesterday evening out of boredom while my hubby's peacefully sleeping the holiday away. Yesterday was Deepavali, a major celebration or holiday for the local Indians. Happy Deepavali to all Indian friends out there!

My little boy was peering over my shoulder excitedly as I doodle away, giving me instructions here and there and throwing countless questions at me.

"Mom, is that daddy and mommy you are drawing?" Little Jet frowns looking at the artwork in progress. "Where is Little Jet then, Mommy? Why am I not in the picture? Please draw me in it too" Little Jet sulked and pleads.

"Yes boy, that's mommy and daddy. No you
aren't in this drawing. Mommy promise to draw your picture later ok. Hush now" Kleio tries to pacify.

"Mommy, is that daddy's car? You should color it black you know.... why aren't you coloring it now?" pestered Little Jet. Poor mom is getting quite irritated with all the attention and tries hard to hasten the completion of the doodle.

Here's the completed doodle of what Kleio's typical work day looks like:

Click on image to enlarge

I know I wasn't much an artist. It's pretty amateurish, that I know too. Tee hee hee.

People, I didn't exaggerate on the part where I could fall asleep while chewing my food. Heck, I had even once fell asleep with a straw in my mouth while sipping my drink in a restaurant right in front of my hubby back then when he was still my boyfriend. I am so pathetic! Is is a sleep disorder or sumthing? Yea, and you know what? My hubby thinks it's cute. Duh!?&%$#@


stev said...

slippers! keke ;)

maybe you need more shut eye? :P

vhanded said...

Very cute drawing! Using?

Kok said...

You sure you're not an artist? You can draw real good!

By the way, I love to sleep too..:)

gina said...

As I have always said... what a wasted talent.

Firehorse said...

Pretty good drawing, wish i cud doodle. Can't even do that :(

Kleio the Muse said...

Yea, PINK slippers *hangs head resignedly*

Indeed I do need more shut eye. Just that I kept feeling I don't have enough time to enjoy things I like doing. It's always work, work, work then sleep. How boring!

Kleio the Muse said...

Using part of my limbs :D
It's traditionally done - pen and color pencils. That's all. Do hope I could get my hands on some graphic wares tho. Provided I own a PC lor.

Kleio the Muse said...

Aiyoh *blushes hardcore* you ah, always know how to flatter people one. Itu macam punya drawing mana boleh claim the 'artist' title wor.

Errr... Kok, actually I don't like to sleep. It isn't one of my passion. It's just that I can't help it but to doze off at random - it's a really embarrassing habit.

Kleio the Muse said...

Sankyuu for your kind support. I really do wished that I am able to doodle bit of manga tho. It's hard. I've tried. But, have yet to give up hope. Shall try again and see what comes out of it.

Kleio the Muse said...

Dear you shud give it a go. It's quite fun. Everyone could doodle - what's stopping us is just our very own self-expectation. We just have to lower or tune it down a bit at times. Who knows what we might discover about ourself. Everyone has potential ;)

Now, I shall be waiting for a doodle piece by you. Tee hee hee ;D

Che-Cheh said...

Hey I like your doodle Hehehe Very cute. :D

Kleio the Muse said...

TQ dear, you are so kind.

paupau said...

huh?? this year's uniform is pink and brown???

Kleio the Muse said...


No ah. It's actually more to light brown or beige top with darker brown for bottom. Tis round is much better as we don't need to wear the outer jacket everyday. Only for assembly. Hence, we only get 1 jacket. But there's 3 pcs of shirt and for the bottom, we get to choose between skirts or pants - 3 pcs too. Wonderful right? I am quite happy with this year's design. Especially happy that I get to wear pants. Yay.