Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blog? Me Blogging?? You must be crazy!

Writing for a blog is sure no easy task. More so if you are not a seasoned writer or worst of all never even dabbled with it before in your entire life! Sad to say, I fall into the latter category here. I don’t have experience whatsoever in casual writing. Don’t even have a pen pal before (which was a real cool thing to have during my school days. Many of my peers has one or more pen pals to comfort their raging teenage hormones) or ever written anything to anyone before *sighing*. Yeah, and that includes love letters too! Not that I really received any of it before –pouting-.

I guess one of the reasons behind this is the fact that, I am more of a reserved type – but hey, don’t get me wrong here okay. I might be a wee bit of an old school somewhat but, am certainly not an anti-social character.

There is this one more obstacle which I believed was the main cause of my aversion to dabble with this form of communication – my appallingly hopeless spelling ability -puts down dictionary. tight lump forming in throat- *sob* and this sulks I tell you -voice cracking- Already not adept at verbal communications but not being able to express myself well through written communication too! *shakes head solemnly* – sigh… oh well, maybe I am doomed to live my life as a recluse *more sobs* -shakily picking up pieces of what’s left of self-esteem-

Even my pathetic effort to keep a diary during my schooldays does not own up yeessh…*roll eyes* - gave it up after just a few tries upon realising I AM beyond help in expressing myself - be it in written or spoken form. *raises eyebrows thoughtfully* I mean a person just gotta know when to call it quits sometimes right? -takes deep breath- sigh….

So, what has spurred me into starting a blog you asked? Why…. glad that you actually asked *grin* -bites lower lip sheepishly- Ermm… would you have believed me if I said “Well, I too craves for attention you know” *batting eyelashes innocently* Okay, it’s a yes and a no on the attention seeking bit.

The main draw of it all is the chance to let myself HEARD for a change cos’ usually I am the one listening -uncomfortable silence-............ *starts fidgeting*….. Okay-okay! I am ALWAYS the one listening alright! Humph! *sulk*. Besides, I believed that too much of bottled up emotions might one day leads to mental breakdowns –imagining a pot of boiling water with sealed outlet- It would have been disastrous don’t you agree?

The truth is I am absolutely thrilled with the idea that I can say what I want and write what I want just the way I wanted it. It’s my blog wat hor? Best thing is, nobody knows who I am *sly grin* (well, almost nobody except one of my closest buddy anyway - come on you know who you are *winking at her*). To be able to remain anonymous when you blog is certainly very appealing if you must know and I just loved the mysterious air it creates.

Hence, I’ve decided to do my bit of experimenting in the wide world of blogging. Let’s just hope I am not too old to join in for a bit of fun here *snigger*.

Hopefully, I would be able to discover more about myself through blogging. And this time, I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping against hope that this wouldn’t have the same pathetic ending like my earlier quest of keeping a diary *grimaces*.

(incessant mumbling to self “practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect …………………….)


Gina said...

Welcome on board. :)

kleio said...

Gina: Awww... that's so sweet of you :)

Bandwagon! here I come!

paupau said...

i know who you are!!! hehehe ...
virgo kaki lang or should i say horror fiction freak ^_^

kleio said...

paupau: Girl, you are so sharp.

At first I thought I ought to give you more hints pulak!

I am touched that you can actualy remember me and able to identify me after reading my so-vague blog.

Thanks for dropping by. Btw, can I list you?

paupau said...

ya ya ya ... go ahead and list me. ^_^ we r virgos. aren't we suppose to be sharp :p