Friday, July 21, 2006

The Moon-Face Theory


Was in the car with my hubby yesterday evening when he made a very enlightening but, too straightforward remark about how my hairstyle affects the look of my face.

This is our conversation as per summarized by me:

Hubby: -greets me with a quizzical look- Hey, what happened to your hair today?

Me: Hair? What about it?? –thinking to self “Oh oh! What is he suspicious of now? It’s always like this. Why can’t he just greets me with a welcoming smile once a while”- *sigh*

Hubby: Eh!? I thought I saw you tied up your hair this morning? How come now it’s loose and it looks so messy?

Me: Duh!?? You’ve must have been dreaming. My hair was let loose the whole day since this morning *smiling sweetly maintaining my cool*. –thinking to self “Humph! This shows that you never really took any notice of me”.

Hubby: Oh is it? *giving me that “I-don’t-think-so” look* Btw, your face looked sooo… round with your hair down.

Me: *&$@#@* -grinding teeth- Is it? But, why? –still trying to maintain my cool-

Hubby: It’s just that when you had your hair down, it gives an illusion of you standing in front of a blackboard and all I can see is just your white round face. And you look plump like this –states matter-of-factly-

Me: *chuckled* -trying to hide hurt-

Hubby: You know, I think you should tie your hair up – I like it more that way.

Me: *sigh*

Me: -trying to retaliate- But, my grandma always said I looked like an old lady with my hair all up.

Hubby: Aiyah! Next time just tell her “My hubby likes it” then, full stop. Ok.

Me: *sigh* Ok.

That’s the curse of being born with a puffy-round-face or a moon-face (what I was constantly and unmercifully being reminded of by my loved ones and so-called-friends).


Note to self: Must go for face slimming when I got the dough one fine day. Meanwhile, just starve self in hope of a speedy miracle *stuffing face with 'Quaker Oats' while posting this. Sigh*


Gina said...

Maybe water retention is it? But I don't see you have a puffy face.

kleio said...

Gina: Thanks for trying to make me feel better :). But, I NEED to her that from my other-half to appease my indignified soul. *sob*