Monday, July 24, 2006

Knock, knock. Who's There?

Woken up by an indistinct sound of someone trying to turn the doorknob of my locked bedroom. My heart races. Swallowed hard. Trying to clear my blurry head to listen more closely - heart thumping against my chest. After several seconds… nope, still no sound. Mind started racing through unwanted images of unwelcome guests of any kind (shuddered).

Checked the time - it’s just 6.00am. Looking at my peacefully sleeping hubby on my right, contemplating hard if I should alarm him to take a look-see for me. Except, my brain keeps telling me that it is just a fiction of my imagination, if not just a residual of my dream. I do hate waking him up especially in the early mornings when he is basically best known as His-Royal-Crankiness. *sigh*

Swallowed hard again. Stared intensely at the bottom of the door for some sign of any intruder lurking at the other end. Satisfied there is none, then braced self and step out of the bed. Opened the door latch. Takes deep breath, and swings the door open……. Whew! Nothing – nope, not a single soul anywhere. Thinking to self, "Can he be lurking somewhere downstairs perhaps??" Oh no! Here we go again.

With renewed apprehension, I got down the creaky stairs slowly and switched on the living room light. Getting much more confidence by this time that it was all just the work of my over active imagination, I checked every room in the house steadily. Well, ahem… the conclusion was just like what I thought i.e. it all being a mind trick only.

You know what; the only worst part of it all was… I actually did all this stupid bravery act together with my 4-year-old boy following closely behind me! *cowering quickly to avoid being pelted with sticks and stones by other level-headed parents out there*

But, but, but, I did thought it was all just in my head. Plus, I was still blurry headed from my sleep to start with *looking innocent*. Anyway, god bless it was all just a hoax, for I shuddered now to think if it is otherwise.

Nevertheless, to appeased those indignant parents out there – my hubby did admonished me this morning for my foolish act of bravery :P

Now, I will end this with a note to everyone to serve as a friendly reminder “It is Better to be Safe than to be Sorry”. And from now onwards, I vowed to live by it.

P/S: Luckily it’s not yet the Month-of-the-Ghost *shakes head* - on second thought, maybe, it wasn’t a bad thing at all if it is, cos’ then I would not be so damn foolishly brave.


Gina said...

Whatever it is, next time, don't bring your kid. Didn't you watch Superman? Hehe.

kleio said...

Lesson well learned, and nope, not watched Superman yet (planning to anyway)

paupau said...

gina: how is this related to superman? scared kleio hubby junior discovers his super power?? hehe.

kleio: don't have high expectation on the show ... *yawn *yawn

kleio said...

paupau: Hey! but, Brandon Routh makes it all worthwhile my dear.

That succulent-drool worthy-package *sexy growl* He's mine. All mine. And keep your paws of him okay!

Sigh... Brandon..