Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feeling off Colour

FLU by ~MissSpoox on deviantART

I had flu,
It’s so not cool.
Woe betide my ailing nose,
Weepy and raw from constant blows.

Watery eyes,
Runny nose.
Rubbity-rub me poor sparklers,
Drippity-drip goes me poor nosey.

Two rolled-up tissues in my nostrils,
Stop the flow it will,
Stop the breath it will not.
Pardon me for my long absence,
Blog hopping has been sorely missed.

Well I am back my dear ol’ friend,
Thou are missed.
Thou I thought of day and night.
Absence does make the heart fonder,
If not dearer still.

I wrote this whilst my eyes still waters and that persistent gooey gunk in my nose still flows as freely as a running tap. Can this be excuse enough for a lousy poem? LOL. It’s my first attempt at one anyways. And I know it’s junk so don’t call my bluff ok.

Oh and I still feels like SHIT. My eyes look swollen and fatigue – I wonder if it is bloodshot too. My poor nose’s raw and sensitive from all those vigorous rubbings. The thing is I can’t bloody &@#$% do a damn thing about it - Can’t take any flu medication to halt the flow, as it contradicts with my current physical health condition. Yeah, I had a health condition - one that has been a nuisance since I had my baby.

Back to my flu ranting… I was on medical leave for two days straight (Tuesday & Wed) and back only today, Thursday – that’s why I am not able to do any blogging or blog visiting at that period.

My first day of leave was spent on ze bed fully doped *eyes glazed and drooling* (I took those cursed flu medication of which later another doctor cautioned me against for fear it might cause a relapse of ze condition I mentioned earlier) I was like, “Wah lao ye!” Why only tell me now. Damage is done. For I now suffered mild palpitation (120 bpm - is that mild? I dunno) all thanks to the first doctor’s oversight. Geezz…

Hence, I had to swear off assistance from any flu medication and hang-on to my trusty tissue-nose-plug (use it only when no one’s around of course. What, you think I am mad enough to use it in a room full of people?) otherwise it's the ol’ blow and wrap-it method (in Cantonese: Pau-Wantan). Oh yeah, I am also now on some sort of hypertensive drug called Propranolol to counter the palpitation. Sigh… I must be more careful with what the docs prescribes in the near future. Lesson learned.

Sneeze with mouth open wide. Ah-tishooo… *RED ALERT. RED ALERT. Germs Abound. Germs Abound*


Tine said...

Nah ... give you tisu :p

Get well soon.

Che-Cheh said...

Can eat Chinese medicine?

Take care lo.

bengbeng said...

Poor Kleio, hope you get well soon

Kleio said...

Tine ~ Sniff, Sniff... thank you :)
My poor nose's still blocked but the good news is that the runny nose has stopped.

Che-Cheh ~ I can't right now when I am taking my western med for that condition of mine :( - it would clash with the chinese med.

Thanks :)

Bengbeng ~
Thanks for your kind concern. I dropped by your longkang just now but, didn't have the time to comment on it yet. Will do so on Monday ;)

Kok said...

How are you already? Getting any better? Hope you'll get well soon and take care!:)

stev said...

nice poem ^^

get well asap!

Kleio said...

Kok ~ Thanks. Recovering on the flu before plagued by diarrhea now. Sigh... what a way to start CNY with. WTF.

Stev ~ Are you pulling my leg there *suspicious glare*
On the road to recovery now, though currently suffering from diarrhea.

stev said...

lol. really its a nice poem


hope you're at 101% before CNY hits

Kleio the Muse said...

Stev: Awwww... Stev, you are so kind *smiling eye to eye*.