Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A short short Hello

Just to say hi-I-am-back to everyone. Didn’t really have the chance to write any proper post yet… currently neck deep in work. Was suddenly landed with an avalanche of paper work. Sheesh… Therefore, please pardon me for not posting any updates yet. But then again, this post can also be counted as a short update right *raise right eyebrow with a sly look*.

Actually, I am all fired up to post my first film review... can't wait to recommend it to all. This film made a deep impression in me. Watched it during my CNY week long break… and fell in love with it totally. Guess I’ll have to put this film review notion on hold for a while till I cleared my work :(

Just Random Thoughts: My best buddy complained about the loud CNY music on this page of mine due the the CNY e-card I have uploaded sometime last week. She said she avoided my site like a plague now due to the shock she had gotten when she access my blog (it was her style to have her laptop sound to the MAX) *Laugh* I think it’s pretty funny :P Guess she will have to come back here next month in order to avoid being shocked again. LOL. Sorry gal, I thought it would be fun to lit up my blog with some CNY cheer mah.


Tine said...

Err ... actually, not just your friend leh, it gave me quite a shock too :p

Bengbeng said...

wow..u been away a long time :)

stev said...

paperwork is just so much fun!

luckily my laptops usually plugged into headphones


Che-Cheh said...

Welcome back. *hugs
Can't wait for the movie review.

anigma said...

LOL!! I learnt my lessons. I make sure I turn off all sounds or mute my lap top or pc when I tune into your page. Like today. :)

Kok said...

It's nice to hear that you're back! Wah, a long break for you in blogging. Don't worry, I'm sure all of us will wait patiently for your updates. :)

Rest when you have chance. Take care!:)

FireHorse said...

Welcome back Kleio, ditto what kok said, most of us at this point are in the same boat, :O)
We'll be here for you!!

Kleio the Muse said...

Tine: Oops! sorry :D The firecracker thingy can be quite overwhelming :P

Bengbeng: Have got the need to shy away from the net a bit *grin* Just joking. I missed the blog visiting. Then again, my 'away' wasn't as long as our fren Ryeurn.

Stev: LOL. Watch out! that firecracker might burst your eardrums... using headphones can be quite deadly at certain circumstances :P

Che-cheh: *Hugs* Thanks. I am currently working on the review. *sweat* Hope it wouldn't be a dissappointment.

Angima: Clever. Luckily you didn't blacklist me *chuckle*.

Kok: Thanks. Nice to know I have frenz here online. You take care too ok.

Firehorse: *Sniff* I am touched. Thanks for being a fren. Happy to have known you. Shall be sticking to your stall like 'lalat' from now on - if you don't mind :D