Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Little Jet's Chilli Foray

Hot Chili by ~Headspinn on deviantART

Little Jet (my 5-year old boy. Yeah I've changed his nickname from Cheeky Boy to this) has been experimenting with hot food lately. My mom's the one encouraging him. I am a bit apprehensive at first. Afraid that he might upset his stomach.

Anyhow, it seems like my worries are for naught. Looks like he is really set on the road of becoming a true Asian. A true Malaysian :D He now truly loves his nasi lemak, laksa, assam fish and many other spicy dishes.

Heck, Little Jet's chilli tolerance is even better than by my brother's. My brother is the worst in my family when it comes to braving the chilli test. He would break into sweat just looking at them. There goes his macho-ness. LOL.

Last Saturday, Little Jet had had a painful experience with the unforgiving chilli king, 'Cili Padi' while having a family gathering dinner at a restaurant. The poor thing was in shock. His hands were trembling non-stop. He had to hang his tongue out for quite a looong while. We had to give him some ice to lick on to lessen his agony.

Now we could only hope this minor but shocking incident does not deter him from loving spicy food in the future.

Current Sanity: Still mulling over the film review post I promise. Yeesh, this is really not easy... for me that is. Sigh... I need more practice on this.


Kok said...

I also like spicy food a lot. Don't ask me why, I just simply love it. hehe. Ermm, does ice really help? I think it'll make you hotter right?

Kleio the Muse said...

Kok: Then you are a true Malaysian :D Is chilli padi your thing? I can't stand chilli padi... it makes my ear ring with pain.

Kok said...

Ermm...chilli padi ah? Depends leh. Sometimes when I'm in the mood of taking spicy stuff, I can. If I'm not in the mood, I'll find it super spicy.

Che-Cheh said...

Welcome to the club Little 'cutie pie' Jet.

I think warm water help kua...cold water will make it worse. Umphh me cili padi queen. Hehe but nowadays my stomach can't tolerate spicy food. So sad. :(((

FireHorse said...

My Fatty Boy loves spicy food like a true Malaysian that he is not. With much shame, I, born and bred in M'sia cannot eat spicy food, very malu oni.

gina said...

When I was 10 years old, I tasted cili padi for the first time in assam laksa. I drank a few gallons of water and swore of chilli for awhile. Look at me now. I am a true blue cili padi queen. Haha!

stev said...


i remember my initiation to cili padi as well during a dinner with grandfolks & a big bowl of curry fish head

ahhh~ :P

Kleio said...

Kok: So it’s mind over matter eh. LOL

Che-cheh: Uh oh, then I must have been dousing fire with more oil then :P Not exactly helping him but, making things worse. Then again, if I recall correctly it wasn’t my fault, it’s my hubby who gave Little Jet that chunk of ice. There. I feel better already.

Firehorse: Don’t kick yourself so hard for that. Many of my Malaysian frenz can’t tolerate spicy food. My brother is a very good example.

Gina: Cili Padi no sweat for you lah ‘Chili Padi Queen’. I heard from a Malay fren that, eating some sugar helps to reduce the hotness. Don’t know if this is true. I haven’t tried it yet. Where can we get sugar when we are eating out? I have heard about the soya sauce theory too.

Stev: Mama mia! *swallow saliva* curry fish head is to die for. Looks like you survived the ordeal and turned out alright, albeit a little on the weird side :P