Thursday, March 22, 2007

Almost Like Me Again

Today I felt happy with myself. I felt pretty again. I felt that long and carefully hidden part of me resurfaced again. It’s the old me. The happy-go-lucky beautiful me - I am elated! Yet, I felt like crying. Crying perhaps because I didn’t know I still have it in me. I am not sure. Anyhow, happy is good right.

Lately, I have started thinking and determining to be happy. Somehow, just somehow, I might just make this a reality.

Gist: This is a rather spontaneous post of mine. I am just writing down what’s echoed in my head.


gina said...

Well, my dear, it's about time that you learn to love yourself once more.

When you commented about the cute Malay girl the day before, being the cutest Malay girl in our office, you didn't notice that you were the cutest Chinese girl in office!!!

You were our yesteryears school's flower leh! And forever will be. Don't play play!

Kok said...

I'm glad that you are happy once again! And I hope this can last forever. It's ok to be sad sometimes I can't deny since we are all human. But life is short you see? It's not worth being sad all the time. If you need someone to talk to, you can always find me. :)

FireHorse said...

Congrats, happiness is and has always been a choice, I am so glad you made a decision to be happy. Believe it or not being happy requires effort. You are so nice, I am glad you found happiness in you, sometimes I wonder if I have lost my happy go lucky self from so long ago.

stev said...

tears of joy

happies for you :)

ps. yesteryears school's flower. hehehe :P

Kleio da Muse in da House said...

I figure why wanna choose the negativity when I could always opt to be happy. So I am going to count every blessings I had.

About me being the yesteryears school's flower - eh hehehee ahem... *blush* Thanks. Love ya for adding another blessing on my list :D

Thanks Kok :) - for all the support and encouragements. Shall bug you with all my negative vibes till you drop. LOL

Totally agree with you there... Happiness needs courage and effort. Do you also felt like a bird in a cage sometimes? I sometimes felt like I am trapped and suffocating... very much like drowning. Hope u too will regain your old self soon.

Awww... shucks thanks Stev. *Sniff*

Gasp! Stev, when did you turned into such a fine female specimen??? - (refering to your cute avatar).

As for me being Yesteryears school's flower wasn't a joke ok. Yiiii... I am so thick skin. Ahem.

Kok said...

No worries. Just "let the horse come" (in mandarin). haha!