Monday, July 02, 2007

Random Muses: All Tied Up

Just a short note to let all my treasured blog friends/visitors know that I foresee a period of low blog hopping or posting for me due to my current work commitment and other personal ventures.

Please don't hate me for not visiting as frequent *glassy doe-eyed innocent look*. Anyhow, I promised to drop by as frequent as I could manage and also to post whenever I could... cos' I really do love you guys.

Thank you for understanding. Anyway, this inactivity or low activity period would only be for a couple of days if not a week or so.

Domo arigatogozaimasu  ども ありがとございます (Thank you)

Updates on my Japanese learning quest:

Have been scurrying around the net of late for some free materials for Japanese learning. And lo behold! Just like I predicted… I am not disappointed with the galore of goodies I managed to dig up. Will try to share it here with all when I have the chance to do so.

So far, this Muse has managed to pick up around 10 or more common Japanese words and learned a few ahem... actually, it is only four hiragana characters i.e. あいえお (a, i, e, o)… that’s about all I know. Tee hee hee

Oh yeah, about FRIENDS ABROAD, I am actually experiencing some problems with the site. It's quite buggy and unstable. Then again, maybe it's just because it's not compatible with Firefox. *shrug* beats me. I am still going to give it a few more tries though.


gina said...

You've been tagged. :)

Anonymous said...

Come back when you have loads of thing to blog. Miss ya.

Do Itashimashite ;)

Che-Cheh said...

Opps that's Che-Cheh commenting above. Hehe

vhanded said...

Hey, you do pick up Japanese! Btw, I had memorize all hiragana and most Katakana(although sometimes forget it...)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool, actually learning Japanese. You'd think the Japanese government would have some free stuff out there, given that the more people in the world that can speak serviceable Japanese, the better for them! ^^

Let me know if you find anything suitable for very young children, as The Princess can use some extra training. I don't think that they are taking "Japanese Culture" classes yet (which is a tradition for Japanese Americans here).

btw, their is a Firefox plugin that will let you automatically switch a page to IE, or have it always switch to IE, just for particular pages... Amazing that all sites dont prefer FF now, since it is less buggy and generally more secure.


Kleio the Muse said...

OMG. Not again! LOL. I still owe so many outstanding memes. Haven’t gotten around it yet. Will try, will try. Thanks for the tag tho. I appreciate it.

Miss ya too. Thanks for your understanding *Hugs*
Jaa matane ;)

Do itashimashite = You are welcome (for what? my dear *puzzling*. Hahahaha. You are so cute. Anata wa kawaii desu ne)

The memorizing part is a pain-in-the-ass. Couple with my goldfish memory, I am starting to doubt my ability to learn this language effectively. I am still at my 10 hiraganas and 10 kataganas till now. Sigh…. It’s a looooong way to go.

Welcome to my humble abode mysterious one :D *serve hot ocha (Japanese green tea) with homemade sushi*. I wished you had left me with a way to contact you tho. It would be sugoi (awesome/cool).

Btw, I did manage to dig up plentiful of Japanese learning aids/materials on the net. Many are surprisingly good and helpful too. Wait till I get a chance to post about it. Right now, I am just too tied-up.

Sumimasen, anata wa nihonjin desu ka (Excuse me, are you Japanese?). Cos’ you mentioned that your princess shall be taking “Japanese Culture” classes soon.

Thanks for the tip on the Firefox plugin. Shall look into it soon. It would be awesome. FF is definitely more secure AND faster than IE. Hence, I am a # fan of FF since I started using it last year.

(( Hugs )) Dozo yoroshiku. Jaa matane (see you again). Hope to see you here again. Domo arigato for your comment.