Friday, July 20, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

I am so touched by Tine's kind gesture in awarding me with this badge. Thank you Tine, for this lovely badge. I shall wear it with honor and pride.

This is the first time I got awarded with anything, after one whole year of blogging. It sorta like an achievement. Yay. Tine, I wanna let you know I think you rock too ;)

And now, whom do I think befitting of this badge? Here's the list of gal bloggers whom I admired and respected very much:

Gina (Absolutginger)
Firehorse (Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam)
CC (Quaint Melody)

You all deserve this badge and I salute all of you cos' you gals totally rock!


gina said...

I feel like Gwen Stefani stepping up the stage to collect my award in MTV awards. Hahahaha!

Thanks a heap!

Tine said...

Aww thanks for the sweet mention. Wear it loud, and wear it proud!! :D

Kok said...

Wahhhhh, how come no Rockin' Boy Blogger ah? Not fair! hahaha

Firehorse said...

Wah wah I got award!!!! Yippee, I come take it bek to mai kopitiam first okay then later oni do tag can ah?

FireHorse said...

Soli soli, took award run away forgot to say thank you very much, so excited until forget my manners, sheesh sorry. But now I think I have to go home before can copy award wor since I try to take it bek to the kopitiam but kenot.

cc said...

Aiyo, paiseh liao. Thank you so much! I feel so honored to receive this award from my favourite muse. ;)

Che-Cheh said...

Wah thank you. Muah muahh.....hehehe

Judy said...

Kleio, congratulations!

I think Kok wants another award by the sound of it! :P

vhanded said...

Har, for girls only ar? Btw, congratulates Kleio to get that award! You are such a rockin' girl blogger!

Kleio the Muse said...

Hey, you are welcome. You deserve this award much more that I do.

I am the one who should thank you for such generous award. For sure I am wearing it with beaming pride. :D

Ah, don't worry lor. I award you one now. I hereby award Kok with the prestigious Awesome and Coolest Boy Blogger Award. Clap, clap, clap! You are one of my fav boy blogger.

*Chuckle* Wah, glad that you are so happy with the award.

Don't worry lah. Take your own sweet time with it. If you dunwan to pass the award on also ok with me one. No pressure ok ;)  I award you with this cos' I truly think you rock gal. And I truly wanted you to know this.

Aiks? moi you fav muse? Awww... you making me blush already. Thank you.

No need to paiseh lah. Cos' you really rock too mah.

Aiyoh, I got slimed by Che-cheh for this award. Ahahahaha. Thanks for your overzealous kisses. LOL

Hi there, thanks for coming to my humble abode *serve a hot cup of Japanese green tea with sushi and sashimi*.

Yeah, I tot so. Kok did sounds like he wants to be awarded too. But he's worth it tho ;)

Hey thanks :D    Yalor, it's for the gentler-sex only wor. But you rock too... even without the award ;)